5 DIY Handmade Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day is this Sunday- It is my second Mother's Day and I am VERY excited!  I do not know any Mom (including my own!) who would not love a handmade gift.  I collected 5 of my DIYs for you to make your own handmade gifts- they are all easy, fast, thrifty and made with LOVE!

DIY Tiered Jewelry Stand- Feel free to include some beautiful jewelry for your Momma!

Gold Glam Tray Makeover  - Pair a fancy tray with your Mom's favorite magazines, a photo frame of the 2 of you together and some flowers- Tie a ribbon around it- no wrapping necessary!

DIY Cake Stands- Make your Mom her favorite treat and serve it on an easy to make cake stand.

Paper Bag Vases-  I love the idea of my little girl making one of her own paper bag designs for Grandma!

Glitter Vases-  I LOVE flowers- getting them in a homemade vase- even better!

Enjoy your Mother's Day and thank your Mom for being in labor for 36 hours! 

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