DIY Paper Bag Flower Vase

I love fresh flowers (who doesn't?) and there is something about them wrapped in a paper brown bag that makes it more romantic.  I want to grab a baguette, a bottle of wine and walk along the Seine.  Sigh... I need a vacation (to Paris, lol)

A very simple DIY, you only need some paper bags, markers and imagination to design your own bag.

I chose to do some polka dots (shocker, I know) triangles and LOVE.

To add your flowers, use a tall vase (or in my case a drinking glass) If the vase is too short, the flowers will cause the bag to bend.

This also makes a wonderful kid friendly craft- let your little artist create their own vase!

I know, so many pictures, but I had 40, edited that down to 16, and then chose these final ones.  I JUST love flowers!

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