DIY Thrifted Pineapple Planters

I like turning cheesy thrift store finds into planters.  I have an elephant succulent planter that is a fave of mine.  He is on his 5th or 6th or 7th succulent, but who's counting?

Kitschy pineapples are popular at the thrift store.  I picked one up over a year ago for a $1 and painted the pineapple and used it as decor.

From my Instagram, over a year ago
The pineapple sits on my plant shelf and I always thought it would make a cute planter instead of just a decor object collecting dust.  But, I wanted more than one and it only took one trip to thrift store and I picked up another one.

(I am curious to what the original intended use is? A container for ?? )

I spray painted a gloss white (I prefer a primer and paint mixed spray paint to avoid any extra steps)

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