Elephant Succulent Planter DIY

You may remember my glitter animals from Kalia's 2nd birthday party.  Well, even a glitter lover like me did not want glittered animals hanging out at the house, perfect for Kalia's party- not perfect for my home.  I donated most to Goodwill, but I kept the little creamer elephant because he was my favorite.  

Just two weeks ago, I finally knew what I would use him for, I first had to remove the glitter, which was a big pita (pain in the a-s-s) My method of glitter not shedding may be a bit too good.  I removed the glitter just with hot water, soap and good old fashioned scrubbing (scrubbed for-EVER- hence the pita part) and he was returned to his former thrifted glory:

Of course, I needed to change that and spray painted him white.

And then I added a succulent.


And no worries, you can do this at home without finding a cute little elephant creamer at the thrift store.
Anthropologie- sells them!

Anthropologie has the elephant creamer in three different colors for only $16.95 (yes, a bit more than my thrifty find, but this means you can make it at home & it still is a great deal!) And Anthropologie named her Ellie- I like it and I think I will steal the name for my little desk buddy! 

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