DIY Glitter Feathers Branch Chandelier

Now a  DIY Kit to make at home- via Darby Smart!

And we continue with my Thanksgiving series- gold, glitter and white! Otherwise known as nature with paint and glitter :)

I love the white gold feather DIYs all over Pinterest, so I had to do my own version- adding a spray painted gold branch for a chandelier seems to be the right touch for my Thanksgiving dinner (and easier than cooking a turkey)!

How to Make A Glitter Feather Chandelier

Mod Podge/Glue
Paint Brush
Clear Enamel Spray

Hanging "Chandelier":
Spray Paint
Fishing Wire

Glitter Feathers

1) Brush a light amount of mod podge onto feather
2) Sprinkle with glitter
3) Do the glitter shake removing excess glitter
4) Let dry & do a light spray of the clear enamel (No one wants glitter in their food ;)

1) Pilfer a neighbor's yard cuttings (or your own, but I had none) and get a branch of your choosing
2) Spray paint gold (and if you are pregnant, ask hubby to do it, same with the clear enamel spray above :)

For Hanging
Tie your fishing wire around feathers and hang to branch, then you are ready to hang from ceiling.
I swear by 3M command hooks for temporary hanging, they leave no marks on walls and if you get the clear version they are not very noticeable  ( I am NOT affiliated, they are just my personal favorite)

So, get your preferred hooks into ceiling- I used three to stabilize my branch (it was a bit heavy), and tie up your fishing wire* and you are ready to go!

*I ran out of fishing wire, so I have gold thread on mine
**My chandelier is hung fairly low for the picture, use caution if you have candles!!

I will be using my leftover feathers for more decor, cannot wait to take pictures of the final table setting!

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