DIY Gold Glitter Leaf Place Cards

Continuing in my series for my Thanksgiving table- are leaf place cards! You have probably seen all kinds of versions on Pinterest- and here are mine- with glitter ;)

How to Make Leaf Place Cards

Plastic Leaves
White Spray Paint
Mod Podge/Glue
Gold Paint Sharpie
Clear Gloss Enamel Spray

Living in Arizona, I do not have access to fresh leaves, so I picked up some plastic at the craft store.  However, this way they will last for future events!

- Spray paint white, let dry
- Write your names with your paint pen (a gold leaf pen will not work on top of the spray paint)
- Brush mod podge (or glue) on edges, glitter, then do the glitter shake and get rid of excess
- Spray with clear gloss enamel (in spray paint section at your home improvement store) to keep glitter from getting all over your table!

There is more to come for a gold glittery Thanksgiving, hope you enjoy this easy little DIY!

DIY Gold Glitter Acorns & Gold Confetti Placemat

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