Confetti Party Lantern DIY

This DIY combines two of my favorite party decor items- lanterns and confetti! Best of all, it is super easy to do!

How To Make Confetti Party Lanterns

Paper Lanterns
Tissue Paper
Circle Puncher
Mod Podge/Glue

1) Make some confetti! Stack a few sheets of tissue paper on top of another and punch circles out using your circle puncher.  

The amount of confetti needed depends on the size of your lantern and how many "strands" of confetti you want on each lantern.  I like to make a lot of confetti- you can never go wrong with confetti for a party!

To apply to the lantern- Dip your paint brush into the mod podge or glue and brush a thin layer onto lantern.

Attach a piece of confetti!  Repeat the steps to make an entire strand around lantern.

Tissue paper comes in a variety of colors and therefore, the color combinations are endless (or make it one color).  After your party, you can collapse the lantern and store for another day, or keep them hung outside for outdoor entertaining.

Of course, I made a little baby pink one!

Lantern Source Luna Bazaar

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