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Aloha!! I am so happy you found A Bubbly Life!

My name is Laurel and I love to create. I love pink. glitter. sparkle. shoes. coffee. red wine. pinterest. clothes. cooking. jeans. purses. sequins. white nail polish. smiling. laughing. traveling. paris. hawaii.

 I am an organic, non-processed food diet freak, but can rarely turn down a potato chip and I love Hebrew National hot dogs. Half of the time I hate going to the gym, but do so anyways, so I can eat chips and still fit in my favorite jeans.  The other half, I am more than happy to go, because as a work at home Mom with two girls, it is the only time I can somewhat think in peace.

While that list was in no particular order- my absolute favorites are my 2 girls, my husband and my dog (she was my first baby girl).  

I pushed off being a Mom for a long time, my husband was in the Army and we moved around for 8 years.  My favorite station was Hawaii for 3.5 years and I hope we can find a way back.  I finally relented on the whole kid thing and had a baby girl, who we named Kalia and I fell madly in love.  I left a business I helped build from the ground up after 12 years (rinkya.com, check it out, it is awesome) to stay at home with my girl- something I never thought I would do and it is the best thing I have ever done!

Now, I stay at home with my TWO girls and attempt to juggle raising them while pursuing my creative side and hopefully teaching them to follow their passions.  While that may sound awesome and inspiring- mostly I am super excited when I get out of the house and all three of us are actually dressed.

Since my time is limited, pretty much ALL my DIY projects are uncomplicated, easy and will not require special tools. But they are modern, fun and sparkly.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them!

 Thank you SO much for visiting!

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  1. I've got a 14 month old little boy- I definitely consider myself a "new" mom since I'm learning every day :)

    I heart cloth diapers too! Sbish are my faves!

    New follower- love your blog!

    The Pretty Pinhead

    1. Thank you so much for coming by! LOL, maybe when we get like three kids ir wont feel new? No idea!

  2. Great meeting you on Saturday #Blogher