DIY Kawaii Veggie Snack Cones

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Ohmygosh these are so cute, I just want to eat them all up.  And, so do the kids! When Harvest Snaps asked me to partner with them, I jumped at the opportunity.  The girls love Harvest Snaps (and so do Nick & I, they are NOT just for kids) Onion thyme & haberño are my favorite flavors.  The girls go through the huge bags from Costco of the lightly salted.  Kalia gets them in her lunch.  We are all fan girls. haha.     

I created kawaii veggie cones to hold them all in and we can snack crumb free.

My girls fought over the pink tomato version and I had to print out another pink tomato version so they would stop arguing over it (kids...) 

The cones are so simple to make- and anything to make your kids eat, right!?  You can download the pdfs and print on a card stock paper (or any heavy weight paper) Wrap in a cone and seal with double sided tape or glue. Add Harvest Snaps  and start munching!

Download the kawaii green pea here!

Download the kawaii pink tomato cone here!

Download the kawaii red tomato cone pdf here!

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Friday Link Love

Nick & I celebrate our 12 year anniversary this Monday (technically, we are celebrating Saturday because kids and babysitters and we are old etc...)   Come What May was our wedding song.  I was obsessed with Moulin Rouge and I still am.  I'm reminded of the song though since life has been a bit difficult lately with the loss of my mother- life altering events do that.  I soooo wish I could be the old me. Obviously, I'm still me, but this angry, bitchy, cranky, depressed, sad person shows up here and there and she totally sucks.  But, this amazing person in my life holds my hand. He hugs me.  He literally never has the right words to say (seriously Nick, silence is golden) but he holds my hand.  And, I love him for that.

This is also a long way of telling you I am spending Monday with my family and will NOT be posting, haha, I will be back Tuesday.

Ok, enough for the sappiness, links I loved this week!

Its amazing what sharpie pens can create

This sounds like the most amazing, relaxing drink (no alcohol peeps)

I do not need plates. But I want these bad.

Has anyone seen this show?? I read about it on Buzzfeed and need it in my life.

Who does these amazing Pantone mockups? I want that job.

A Bubbly Life this week: DIY Wooden Towel Ring  & Rosemary Infused Grapefruit Cocktail

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DIY Wooden Towel Ring

So, I saw a towel ring on AllModern and I freaking loved it.  I instantly thought, hey that would be an easy DIY.  I think this is my first "knock off" DIY.  When I saw that price tag, I was like No way, the DIY was just too easy and would be so inexpensive to make and I could not resist making my own version.  

It took 5 minutes to make, I am not even kidding, it even surprised me how ridiculously easy it was.  However, you do need the 3 power tools to complete it.  The first is some kind of saw to cut down the wooden dowel, BUT you can ask the home improvement store to cut a couple for you.  Mine does all the time, it may be because they see me nearly everyday, but they do not mind.  The rest are in the steps below!

Wooden Dowel- Diameter 1 3/8 inch
Gold Metal Ring
Dremel Tool
Drill with 5/32 Drill bit
Dowel Screw  #14

Cut a piece of the wooden dowel to 1.5 inches.

Snip a cut into the gold metal ring using a dremel tool (or any tool that can cut metal).

my husband's hand, not that there is a problem having dude hands, but want it to be clear they are not mine

Drill a hole with the 5/32 drill bit into the dowel in this location:

Insert your metal ring through the hole.  (the cut on the metal ring is so small, there is no need to reconnect it) Drill a hole into the back of the wooden dowel.

Insert the dowel screw and get it into your wall!  (using a pliers helps to get that dowel screw in) 

We are using it in our bathroom above our bathtub and I plan to make more.  It was so easy to make and I now have a long wooden dowel, which was the largest expense at $6 (?) so I can make so many more... Would look so good in a kitchen!

Want more home DIYs?   Here are a couple favs!

DIY Wooden Shoe Rack 
DIY Copper iPad Holder 
DIY Painted Wooden Headboard
DIY Copper Wood Hooks

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Rosemary Infused Grapefruit Vodka Cocktail

You guys, I think this is my 122nd grapefruit cocktail on A Bubbly Life. Maybe I am exaggerating. Little bit.  There is a reason I love to use grapefruit in cocktails.  I do not like sweet cocktails, grapefruit is so pretty to take photos of and Arizona has an abundance of citrus.  We planted a grapefruit tree and JUST GOT OUR FIRST GRAPEFRUITS!!!  So, I absolutely had to do another grapefruit cocktail! However, my husband (Hi, Nick, love you bebe) planted a white grapefruit tree or yellow? I dont know what it is called, I could google it but...  Either way, it is not pink, and I am like hi, husband of nearly 12 years, have you met me? 

Then, I was like oooh I can get more colors in a photograph.  So, Nick is forgiven.  And, honestly I dont know if it is picking it off our own tree or whatnot but the plain grapefruit tastes better than the pink I get from the store.  Also, maybe I should learn the proper name, which is probably just "grapefruit" Anyhow, cocktail time.

1 part Vodka
2 parts Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit Juice
1 teaspoon (or more if you like sweeter) Rosemary Infused Syrup*
Lime slice & Rosemary Sprig for Garnish
Salt for rim (I used pink ;)

*We do not eat much sugar around here, so I used agave to make my rosemary syrup.  Add approximately 1 cup of agave syrup to a pot, get it hot, but not to a full boil, add a couple sprigs of rosemary and let cool for about 30-45 minutes.  Agave syrup still is sugar, but it has a lower glycemic index so that is why we use it instead.  (I'm not a doctor & not making any health claims, so don't sue me. Thanks.)

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Friday Link Love

I love these lukewarm Valentine balloons.  Lets be real, right? haha

This is so beautiful that it makes me want to learn how to knit.

Glitter balloons!!

I love the many different versions of gift baskets for Valentine's Day (or really any gifting) from Sarah Hearts.

Paint Scrape Note Cards. Soooo pretty.

January's POPSUGAR Must Have Box killed it.  I failed at my January goals of self care and everything in the box was a step in the right direction to return to my goals.  A peek is available on Insta! Sign up here and Use code SHOP5 (which never expires)- gets you $5 off your FIRST Must Have Box! 

Ohmygosh hedgehog valentines, sooo flipping cute!

Can someone do my nails like this for me? Please?

Dont hate me, but AZ has super nice weather right now and I am thinking this pool float is in order...

Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo

A Bubbly Life this week: DIY Wooden Glitter Gift Crates & DIY Heart Ice Shots & DIY Heart Bowls &  Free Valentine Card Printables

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DIY Glitter Wooden Gift Crate

*Sponsored by ONEHOPE wine- all opinions are my own

Do you guys/gals love gift sets for holidays?  I do.  I love to fill a box with treats for your friend instead of one large gift item and we all know my favorite kind of gift sets include bubbly ;) How perfect is a wooden crate filled with sparkling wine and small gifts for your Galentine this year? I love a neutral wood.  I also love glitter. And, it is Valentine/Galentine's Day so more sparkle is necessary, #amirite?

Double Sided Tape
Paint Brush
Wooden Crate

Double sided tape has been my go to for glitter for years now.  It sticks to the tape and does not shed everywhere.  An additional bonus is that it is extremely easy to do.

Make your designs with the tape, I wanted to show this step but tape is clear, so you cannot see it, haha.  So, after you make your designs, pour glitter! (I love this part)

With a thud to the surface of what you are working on, the glitter will run off nearly everywhere except the tape.

If necessary use a paintbrush to clean off any glitter stragglers.

Now you can give the wooden crate boxes to your friends- they will love them!! Galentine's, bachelorette, birthdays- it really works for any party.  Glitter, sparkling wine and pink.  All my favorite things! I did the entire crate with glitter geometric shapes, you can do just the top or even use paint or washi tape instead.

One of the reasons I LOVE working with ONEHOPE (it is not just the bubbly, I promise ;) is their IMPACT on multiple charities.   The wooden crate shown here comes with a candle and mini bottle of sparkling wine and provides funding for 5 meals for children in need.  Every time you make a purchase you are also supporting charities- so awesome.

Post sponsored by ONEHOPE wine, thank you for supporting sponsors who help keep A Bubbly Life going!!

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DIY Heart Ice Shot Glasses

I am nothing if not romantic.  And what says romance more than shot taking? ;)  I think these ice shot glasses are perfect for Galentine's day with all your girlfriends.  But, I also think they are great for Valentine's Day when you have been married say about 12 years? and need some loosening up.  Or you are parents of small children.  Maybe speaking from experience. 

Gummy Hearts
Shot Glass Mold

Add water and hearts to shot glass ice mold and freeze!

I have some notes.  This is a long complaint on how I got to here. So, skip ahead for actual notes. Ugh.  I tested this idea probably 7 different times.  The original DIY plan was to use conversation hearts. Because how cute would conversation heart shot glasses be??  All the ice shots broke, the candies would break down in the water- but, I kept trying. Because how cute would conversation heart shot glasses be??  I thought it was my impatience and I was just not doing it right, so I KEPT trying- adding more hearts, adding less. Because how cute would conversation heart shot glasses be??  Finally, I admitted defeat and scratched it from my Valentine DIY list.  And probably drank my sorrows in whatever alcohol I planned to stage with the ice shots. (not really, I unfortunately chose to have a dry January)

Then at the grocery store,  I saw gummy hearts.  I am tenacious (tenacious sounds better than stubborn, right?) and wanted to try the gummy hearts. Figuring they were gummy and not loose sugar like conversation hearts maybe they would work better?

They did.  Cept I froze them before leaving for 4 days to ALT Summit.  Forgot about them and saw it worked and did a rush shoot for them.

1- They will bleed and make the ice colored.

2- Do not get the gummy hearts with granulated sugar on top.  Bleeds much worse and hearts not as visible because the sugar comes off everywhere.

3- If you do use conversation hearts and it DOES work, I NEVER want to know. Ignorance is bliss, people.  It is why I am so smiley all the time.

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Free Valentine's Day Card Printables

Hi. I love you and I like you.  Awww, reminds me of Parks n Rec. Except we all may not be quite at the relationship goals of Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt, so I separated their sweet sentiment into two cards for those of you not quite ready for the love stage.  But, it IS Valentine's Day and you are pretty sure you are into this person and you may not be ready for the love part.  You probably still need a gift or a card or some kind of gesture to let them know you care.  I am not responsible for what happens to you if you choose the I like you card and you have been dating for 5 years and someone may expect a ring.

I chose a graphic heart balloon for one design and the other card design is blank to attach a lollipop/balloon or whatever you may want to stick on that card.

Print out the cards here  You will need to cut them down to size (I made them for 5X7, but you can make yours bigger)

Happy Valentine's Day!! xoxo

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