A Happy, Huge Announcement!

We are happy to announce a huge surprise.  We are expecting our third child!!  What is that saying? Life happens when you are busy making plans?  Nick & I had not planned on another baby just yet and had put away the idea of another baby for at least another year and sold any last baby thing we had (space issues). God had other plans and one day I was looking down at a positive test, in shock.  We are very happy, but I remained shell shocked for the whole first trimester (and was also very queasy with all day morning sickness)  The queasiness has died down a bit and now that my belly is beginning to show, the whole "Am I really pregnant?" shock has also died down a bit.

Pregnancy And Depression

I know, what a bummer topic when discussing such a huge blessing... but last month, I shared that I have clinical depression and had undergone some recent trauma, so I feel it necessary to include this part in case others have had similar experiences and to break the stigmas surrounding mental health. In February, I decided to start anti-depressants and baby ideas were put on hold as we sought to treat my depression first (but, surprise!!)  Unfortunately, the first medication (Zoloft) did not seem to be working and when I found out I was pregnant I tapered off and I am currently not taking any medication.  Pregnancy is not the time to test what medicine may work for me, so unmedicated seems to be my only option right now. I started EMDR therapy and still go to my regular therapist.  Between that and baby doctors, I am living at a doctor's office, lol!  I also maintain working out (activity is helpful for my depression). Although it is a bit scary, I am surrounded by professionals and Nick & I are more aware of my symptoms, so we keep an eye out for the severity.  I have to remain honest, self aware and self report if my symptoms get worse. The first trimester with hormone changes and being sick most of the time was a doozy.  We are both very happy that part is over!  If anyone has any tips on what helped them during pregnancy let me know!

Planning for Baby

So, we sold/gave away pretty much everything, haha.  I still have cloth diapers and our old Ergo. Colette is now 3 and baby gear changes in the blink of an eye, so there are probably many new and better baby gear items out there- so share your favorites! The nursery is up in air right now as we decide how to reconfigure the girls and see where it goes.  I am working on a private Pinterest board which I will share soon.  I still laugh at how fast our life changed, my private Pinterest board was our vow renewal ceremony (which has been put on hold until after baby) and now I have a new one with baby ideas.

Thank you for reading and following along, xoxo

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