Summer Smiles- Free Printable

Aloha peeps, in an effort to "slow down" I decided to take a break in the Summer for a bit.  Summer is notoriously lower for blog traffic (people enjoying life & vacation, so there is no ill will about it) and instead of fighting the slowness, I am going to embrace it. I am moving to 1 production post (DIY, cocktail etc) a week for Summer.  Although, who knows, I will get inspired here and there and just go for multiple production posts, I am not limiting myself.

However, I still plan on my usual 3 posts a week.  And, one of these posts will now be a graphic.  I am practicing.  On you guys.  Haha, I love you.  I love creating quotes and printables, and I figure a couple months of mixing fonts and colors, I will improve and learn a lot more?  I am sure some will suck!  So, we start from the beginning, and maybe 2-3 months from now, I will be super awesome?


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