Leaving On A Jet Plane...

Nick & I are heading to Rome this week with NO kids.  It is our first trip without the girls, we spent a night away here and there for our anniversary etc, but never more than one day without seeing the girls.  This week marks the one year loss of my Mom.  So, escape it is. Escaping to a place she loved.
I will be posting on Instagram, otherwise, see you guys in a week or two, xo

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Friday Link Love

Yeayyyyy, it is FriYay!! Good Vibes Only Print

I love this tropical off shoulder dress!

Vanilla ricotta banana toast. omygosh I drooled a little while typing that.

I just picked up this maxi dress for summer vacation, it is thin, loose and Nick is obsessed with it on me which is always a win ;)

Smores popcorn sounds like the perfect Summer snack

Happy weekend!

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DIY Palm Leaf Ice Bucket

Post sponsored by Bai. All opinions are my own.

The first day of Summer is here!! Arizona hit 121 degrees this week, so this ice bucket DIY is a great solution to keep cool and refreshed during these hot days.  I may have to wear it on my head to keep cool, but all you who experience normal Summer temperatures, this ice bucket is perfect for the pool, a barbecue and all your Summer celebrations to keep your drinks cool. We folks in AZ, will keep our ice buckets looking pretty inside for parties :)  I filled mine with Bai, a refreshing 5 calorie and 1 gram of sugar beverage that is full of flavor and will help quench that Summer thirst. 

Artificial Leaves (you can use real as well)
Smaller Bucket- sized to insert in large bucket for the space for drinks
Heavy Weight (I used a pink geode paperweight, of course)
Freezer (haha!)

Place smaller bucket inside large bucket and add weight.

Place palm leaves in large bucket all around sides and add water to fill bucket.  You may have to mess around with leaves a bit so they dont float to top. I used artificial leaves and would soak them in water to prevent them from floating to top.

Freeze for a few hours or overnight.

Run warm water outside bucket to loosen and remove the ice.  Run warm water inside of small bucket to remove the second bucket.

I love DIY ice buckets, it is one of easiest ways to make a party pop with something unexpected and fun and they are soooo easy to make- the freezer does most of the work.  Effortless entertaining is my favorite.

Bai drinks are only 5 calories and use no artificial sweeteners for their beverages.  Bai has so many flavors to try and it will be hard to pick your favorite!

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Shady Beach- Free Printable

Haha, this makes me laugh so hard, hope it does for you, too!  I went with an 80s font look.  Enjoy and don't be a shady beach!

Download link- No One Likes a Shady Beach

Prior Summer Smiles Printable!

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Summer Smiles- Free Printable

Aloha peeps, in an effort to "slow down" I decided to take a break in the Summer for a bit.  Summer is notoriously lower for blog traffic (people enjoying life & vacation, so there is no ill will about it) and instead of fighting the slowness, I am going to embrace it. I am moving to 1 production post (DIY, cocktail etc) a week for Summer.  Although, who knows, I will get inspired here and there and just go for multiple production posts, I am not limiting myself.

However, I still plan on my usual 3 posts a week.  And, one of these posts will now be a graphic.  I am practicing.  On you guys.  Haha, I love you.  I love creating quotes and printables, and I figure a couple months of mixing fonts and colors, I will improve and learn a lot more?  I am sure some will suck!  So, we start from the beginning, and maybe 2-3 months from now, I will be super awesome?


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Exploring Roosevelt Row Wall Art With Toyota!

*Sponsored by Toyota, all opinions are my own!

Last month, Toyota treated me for Mother's Day with a delicious brunch and a rental of the new 2017 Toyota Prime Prius.  I chose the Prius because I was always curious about hybrid vehicles.  I loved it, I felt like a car was spoiling me rotten.  I am not a "car person", I have a few wants in a car but cannot really speak in terms of whatever in the world is under the hood.

One need is space.  I am a Mom of 2, so space for the kiddos and all the crapola I have to travel with for them is necessary.  The Prius Prime was surprisingly spacious,  I was disappointed at first because it appears a lot smaller than it is and I thought there was no way it would work for our family, but once the car seats were in, it was fine!  I do think it would work better when kids are a bit older and only in booster seat, Colette is still in a bulky car seat, so I would wait another year before considering it as my day to day car.  However, the hatchback was awesome- so much more spacious than a standard trunk!  Colette & I went to IKEA one day and I put down half the back seat and we were able to fit in everything from an IKEA trip, including a long board that went from the front to back of car. Space for IKEA/HomeDepot trips are essential for me as a DIY blogger! If you follow me along on Instagram stories, you may have seen me bragging about the size and filling it up with the IKEA goodies!

Another feature I enjoyed were the security features. The car detects if another car/person is too close and warns you.  No driving distracted with this warning by your side!!  (My husband Nick could really use this reminder) The multi-informational display (fancy car term ;)  was another feature I used often.  Basically, it showed me how fast I was going and it was convenient to see it right at a glance.  It also told me the speed limit of the area I was in, I used that a lot, I loved that!

Also, I drove the car for 10 days- including very long trips to IKEA & downtown Phoenix and I did not need gas!! That's amazing!! Whew hoo hybrid!

Roosevelt Row is an art district here in Phoenix and I always wanted to check out some of the art work, so I used the Prius and Mother's Day to get Nick to agree to join me and we left kiddos at home!

Is this what bloggers do? Don't look at camera and turn to side? ha, I wish Nick told me my hair was in my face!

I love this bike one <3

Yes, I found a pink wall!  Maybe not an art mural, but pink is always a good thing!

The Bosque is also a really cool plant shop.

Learn more about the Toyota Prius here!

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Friday Link Love- National Donut Day!

It is finally the big day, National Donut Day- and it falls on a Friday, so get thee to a donut bar! Print

And it is the last day of a week of fun festivities for donut day!

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Happy Weekend and hope you enjoy all the doughnuts!!

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