Gift Guide: Mother's Day!

Coffee is My BFF- I own this travel mug.  I loved coffee before kids, but after kids it is neccesary to keep them alive.

Cocktail ring- A more luxe gift but as a Mom of 2, I have been in labor a total of 60 hours and Colette's birth separated my pubic bone (an agonizing pain & recovery).  A ring does not seem like much.

Copper water can- maybe since it is pretty, I will water the plants more?

Concrete & Copper vase- So beautiful.

Copper hanging planter- this is so cute!!

Blush Pink tote bag- Because Moms have to carry tons of crap everywhere.

Candle- Prosecco rose- because that sounds like it smells delicious and the container is beautiful.

Rose spray- I live for this stuff, another item I own.  A spray of this refreshes you instantly.

Happy Mother's Day!  Don't forget flowers! :)

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