DIY "Naked" Floral Donuts

So apparently national doughnut day is a thing.  And just like so many of the countless social media holidays, I am totally on board with it.  (my favorite is probably national wine drinking day though) Anyhoo, Dawn from Revel & Glitter asked me to participate in a week of donut celebrations with 10 other bloggers and I thought it would be fun to add my own flair to a doughnut project.

I love the beauty of naked cakes (you can see some examples from a Boho Party & How to Make A Naked Cake) I thought how pretty would "naked" donuts be for a brunch or baby shower or wedding shower or a Tuesday?

Pick up some edible flowers, lavender and decorate your donuts and table with them.  Simple and beautiful.

Also, a little hint if you want to save your eyes... Never google the term "naked donut" when you are checking to see if it has been done multiple times by other bloggers.  Naked donut does NOT mean donuts with pretty flowers on them.  I am haunted by the images.

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Friday Link Love

This week started out with such a heavy heart with the terrible Manchester bombing.  So much love and prayers for everyone.  Heart print.

I love these palm tree sheets.  P.S. have you checked out my I Have This Thing With Palm Trees account on instagram (I'm obsessed with palm trees)

hehe, I had a fruit smoothie today... good laugh

diy wooden trivet. love.

Mini champagne 6 packs, hi, a must.

This floral flamingo is on sale for Memorial Day! I think Nick may kill me if I buy another pool float... (we do not have a pool & I own a pineapple, watermelon & pink flamingo...) 

A Bubbly Life this week- DIY Marble & Wood Hooks & Cherry Mojito Cocktail Recipe

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Cherry Mojito Cocktail Recipe

Mmmm... cherries are in season!  Cherries are notoriously expensive and the only time fresh cherries are somewhat affordable is now.  I picked up a huge bag on sale and Nick ate them ALL, I mean we are talking 2 pounds or so, he was just so excited we had cherries in the house.  He was unaware I needed them for a post.  He kindly picked me up another batch when he was by a Whole Foods which means these cherries cost a million dollars.  Anyhow, whenever something pops up in season, I think about ways it would work in a cocktail- so we have a cherry mojito!

How To Make A Cherry Mojito! makes 1

Cherries- 3-4 cherries for muddling, 8 cherries for juice
Mint- handful of cut mint
Sparkling Water
Fresh Lime Juice- half lime squeezed
One shot of Rum
Agave Syrup (alternatively you can use simple syrup, but we use agave for a sweetener around here)

Muddle a couple cherries (with pits removed) with mint in a glass.  Add ice. Squeeze about 8 cherries for the juice and add to glass. Add rest of ingredients (sparkling water, lime juice, rum and agave syrup to taste) I do not like sweet drinks so I use about a teaspoon of agave, but I would say most people prefer it sweeter, so add 2-3 teaspoons.  Stir and enjoy a relaxing Summer beverage.

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DIY Marble & Wood Hooks

If you follow me along on Instagram stories, you may know that we recently got closets installed in our home and that I am very obsessed with our new closets. We used metal racks for past 3 years or so as our closet spaces, so to say I am incredibly grateful and ecstatic about our new closets is an understatement.  I work everyday on organizing it and there are two DIYS on my list for it- these marble wood hooks & once the other is complete, I will do a closet reveal on blog.

Marble & Wood Hooks Material List (all items available at your local home improvement store)

5/8ths Wood Dowel (cut into individual 3 inch pieces)
Marble Hexagon Tile
Dowel Screws
Strong Glue

Glue wood dowel to back of an individual marble tile (they come off from the large tile very easily)  and let dry.

(you can also do these nest steps FIRST and then glue the wood with dowel screw in it to marble tile) I would do it this way, so you do not have to wait for glue to dry in order to put the dowel screw in... But, I realized that AFTER I did it...

Drill hole into wood dowel:

Get the dowel screw into the wood dowel (we use vice grips to help)

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Friday Link Love

I totally agree, but do get mild anxiety from it Print

These pink wine glasses. Please.

Floral bath salts. I could use a hot bath!

Mmmmm, cherry chocolate popsicles


A Bubbly Life this week- DIY Copper Hanging Planter

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DIY Copper Hanging Planter

A Bubbly Life has been lacking in the copper DIYS lately.  I still love copper, I just took a little break.  I received a gorgeous copper bowl from Martha Stewart's new line of copper beauties and I hesitated on changing it to be something else, but I could not help but think how pretty it would look as a planter.  And, I did it and I love it!!

Copper bowl (I used this one which is on sale for $14.50! or get a set of 3 for $25, hmmm... I may need more...)
White leather cord (I wanted leather, but you can use a copper chain as well)

This is so super easy... Drill 3 holes into the copper bowl.

Tie cord (of EQUAL length) to each hole and meet in middle and hang from ceiling!!

And you are Done!

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Friday Link Love

hahaha, this card cracks me up. Happy Mother's Day!

I want to buy these pants tonight.  I say tonight because I want them for my hot date tomorrow night (with my husband)

Baby nursery reveal. In love with the moon & stars print.

Fast asleep spray.  Ill try anything.


Happy weekend, friends <3

A Bubbly Life this week- Mother's Day Gift GuideMy First Mother's Day Without My Mom

My First Mother's Day Without My Mom

My first Mother's Day without my Mom.  No Mommy-Daughter-Granddaughter pedicures and making my Mom live a little at brunch with a mimosa. And, the year anniversary of her death around the corner. Sigh. Sadness, exhaustion, grief.  As a Mom myself, I realize the worst pain for a Mom is seeing her children in any pain.  I struggle with that thought ALL the time.  Wanting to overcome the sorrow but completely being lost in all the sorrow.  Wanting to be happy because I do not want to make my Mom sad.  It is an impossible dichotomy, but I try, I try and I struggle.

Grief stricken, I am often at a loss to help myself. I pull and scratch and reach to get out of the hole and then a memory, a scent, a sound floods me and I am knocked back down to the void.  A hand, a hug and unprompted love keeps me going- a person to help carry the burden.  The memories are an ache but they also are a reminder of the love we shared. Forgetting is terrifying. I held my Mom's hand and laid beside her in bed until Nick came to take me home.  I studied her hands. I wanted to imprint the image to my memory. These graceful, beautiful hands that led me as a child, caressed my head, had magical powers when I was ill, held my daughters the same way- these beautiful hands and this woman was gone.  I didn't want to leave that dark room but MY hands, they were needed elsewhere. With my daughters.  My Mom taught me many things about being a Mom.  But ultimately, the most important lesson she taught me was to love and care for the girls with my whole heart and to always do what is best for them. My Mom sacrificed so much for our happiness. It would be a dishonor to her for me not be happy.   

I miss her everyday.  She was an amazing woman.  She deserves to be missed every single day. The hole I have in my heart is large because of the love I have for her. I am forever grateful for that love.  And that love did not disappear with her death, it is alive in me, my Dad, my siblings, my daughters and everyone who knew her.

Since we talked several times a day, I miss her for all the tiny things in my life as well as the big ones.  For the first few months, I used to pick up the phone to call her, those brief seconds where I thought she would be on the other end felt wonderful, but when the reality hit that I could not call her, I would be devastated.  Now, I am used to the fact I cannot talk to her.  I am not sure which experience is sadder? Thinking I can still call her? Or that I have accepted the fact I can never call her again? 

Now when I want to tell her something, I will just say I wish my Mom was here, I wish she could see/hear/be here for all this. And I say I miss her.   Nick or one of the girls will hug me or I will take a break into the other room.

Life means more now though.  I thought I was a big picture, perspective person already, but when my Mom died- wow, perspective.  The dishes can wait.  Who cares how many Instagram followers I have?  More date nights with Nick! More rolling on the floor with the girls! Admittedly though, when I worry about something as frivolous as searching for my new laundry hamper (yes, I have spent way too much time on that), it feels like a nice break from the enormous weight of grief.  

My Mom always said to me in person & in letters to me over the years-  that when I walk in a room I light the entire room up with my smile.  I will keep trying.

Love you Mom & miss you so much.

Happy Mother's Day!

 - I created the first image with a quote from Plan B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy  (I highly recommend it to anyone grieving, if you know someone who is grieving, facing challenges, need inspiration, etc...) 

Gift Guide: Mother's Day!

Coffee is My BFF- I own this travel mug.  I loved coffee before kids, but after kids it is neccesary to keep them alive.

Cocktail ring- A more luxe gift but as a Mom of 2, I have been in labor a total of 60 hours and Colette's birth separated my pubic bone (an agonizing pain & recovery).  A ring does not seem like much.

Copper water can- maybe since it is pretty, I will water the plants more?

Concrete & Copper vase- So beautiful.

Copper hanging planter- this is so cute!!

Blush Pink tote bag- Because Moms have to carry tons of crap everywhere.

Candle- Prosecco rose- because that sounds like it smells delicious and the container is beautiful.

Rose spray- I live for this stuff, another item I own.  A spray of this refreshes you instantly.

Happy Mother's Day!  Don't forget flowers! :)

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Friday Link Love

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Dance your butt off! Print

I am loving these earrings.

These glasses need one of my Summer cocktails in them ASAP. That makes it a tax write off, right?

Pink dome light with a dash of copper. I want.

DIY confetti poppers!

A Bubbly Life this week-  How to Make Flower Confetti  & Mango Jalapeño Margarita

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Mango Jalapeño Margarita Cocktail Recipe

You guyssssss!!! This margarita is SO flipping good.  I was SO very happy I did this photo shoot on a Sunday afternoon so that I could drink one.  Typically, I shoot during the week and indulging with a cocktail at 2pm when I have to watch my daughters and drive them around is not possible since I am a somewhat decent Mom (like the best Mom ever, ha).  I drank this one right up while Nick & I enjoyed our Sunday afternoon.

I am NOT a huge fan of your typical margarita.  They are much too sweet for me and instead of using a pre-made margarita mix, I used pureed mango here.  Yummy.  The dash of jalapeño oil gives it that touch of spiciness that I love and does not overpower the sweetness of the mango.  I will be making big batches of these this Summer!

2 parts pureed Frozen Mango chunks (Costco has a big bag and you will want to make a BIG batch of these)
1 part Tequila
Juice of 1 Lime
2 Tablespoons of Agave Syrup
Drizzle of Jalapeño Oil in each glass
Optional- garnish with jalapeño slices (seeds removed if you dont want too spicy!), lime slice & edible flowers

Combine all ingredients. Stir/Shake. Enjoy and Cheers!  Happy Cinco de Mayo friends!

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How To Make Flower Confetti

If you live anywhere other than Arizona, wedding season is all around us.  (Our wedding season is in Fall-Winter because it is 100 bajillion degrees in Summer)

Weddings are majorly on my brain lately. Nick & I have been married 12 years, but this Summer we will be together for TWENTY years (holy shiznit we are old)... and we are throwing around the idea of a vow renewal.  Just a very tiny gathering of our bestest friends & family and the girls. Ahh, Im so excited!!  It wont be for awhile, but I love planning, so ideas are spinning like crazy.

I love flowers and I think throwing flower petals to celebrate a newly married couple (or old married couple ;) after their vows is a beautiful send off for the happy couple.  They are also biodegradable and better for the environment than other wedding confetti alternatives.

Drying flowers is SO easy.  Pick the petals off the flower and if there are any brown spots, toss those flower petals in the trash.  Even a small brown spot will grow and look bad once dried.  I air dry all my petals- using a large piece of foil or parchment paper lay all petals down in a single layer.  The more they touch, the longer they will take to dry out.  I leave on my counter for a couple days and they done!

For the celebration, you can make individual cones for each attendee or fill baskets with the petals.

I used some fun scrapbook paper for my flower confetti cones!  You can also download some of my free printable cones from past projects- my flower bouquets from Valentine's Day would be perfect for a wedding-

My Mother's Day printables have a scallop design version and my graduation confetti cones have a confetti design version!

Happy wedding, graduation, or any celebration which calls for confetti (which is everyday in A Bubbly Life land :)

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