Friday Link Love

I am working on a new margarita for next week for Cinco de Mayo!  My husband is a big fan of tequila, so he is the taste tester.  Its a job he loves and takes seriously.  Margarita print.

Can someone do these nails for me?

I want to make this toothbrush holder!

This ring dish is so gorgeous, I want a bigger version for entertaining.

I am reading Option B- Facing Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy right now.  So good.

A Bubbly Life this week- 
DIY Paint Splatter Dishes & DIY Acrylic Signs & Rosé Tasting Party!

Have a great weekend friends! xoxo

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DIY Acrylic Signs & Rosé Party!

Sponsored by 90+ Cellars, all opinions are my own! 
Soooo, if I had to choose a favorite party to have with my girlfriends- it would be a rosé tasting party. And by tasting, I mean my girlfriends and I drink a lot of rosé wine and get a break from kids (love you kiddos...) and get to relax.  90+ Cellars & Lila Wines made the party possible- thank you so much!! The sparkling rosé (the bubbly) was my favorite (of course ;) All us gals loved the canned wine- perfect for the long Summer days at the pool or beach!

For the party, I made some cheeky wine quote acrylic signs.  They are so easy to make and require no handwriting skills- you just trace!

Cheers and enjoy!

DIY Materials:
Translucent Acrylic Signs (Fluorescent Pink & Pink Passionfruit)
Free Printables (these are the 2 phrases I chose, you can write whatever you like)
Chalk Marker (if planning to reuse signs) or paint marker if you want to make a permanent one

Place paper under the acrylic sheet and trace!  With chalk markers, press firmly down to get as much chalk as possible, it looks better with a paint pen, but I want to reuse the signs and used a chalk marker.

Decorating for a rosé party is so much fun for a pink and flower lover like me!  I made a balloon centerpiece with eucalyptus and flowers.

 The tablecloth was scattered with spray rose petals (spray roses are smaller and I wanted a smaller confetti look on the table)

And I included floral ice cubes- we all want our rosé chilled!

The Lot 132 Reserve Rosé has a gorgeous GLASS cork, I had never seen that!

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Sponsored by 90+ Cellars, all opinions are my own! Thank you for supporting sponsors who keep A Bubbly Life going!

DIY Paint Splatter Dishes

Over Christmas, I made some paint splatter wrapping paper and I LOVED the splatted technique.  I knew I would use it again and again and when I needed some jewelry dishes, it was time to make it happen!

Plain Dish

Mix a tablespoon of water or so into some paint.  Dip your brush in and lightly hit it while moving around the dish.

Let dry and you have a pretty new dish for all the things!

Special thanks to Nick for adding to my jewelry collection all the time :) Love ya babes!

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