DIY Rose Coconut Salt Scrub

Last year, I made a coconut lavender sugar scrub and I planned on making more DIY scrubs and then a year went by... Whoops.  Homemade scrubs are so easy to make and only take minutes- mix a couple ingredients and you have a perfect homemade gift or treat yo self and enjoy a luxurious scrub in the shower!  

Couple drops of rose oil- I used this one which is a mix of rose & peonies

You can replace the pink salt with normal salt or with sugar.  I wanted a pink scrub for the rose, which is why I used pink salt.  

It smells soooo good, I wish I had a scratch and sniff button on blog so you could all smell it at home :)

I live in AZ, so my skin is always dry and for those of you stuck in a winter vortex, this scrub will take away that dryness asap! And you will smell good, too! Bonus! Make them and give some to your friends- no one wants a smelly friend!

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