DIY Pun Flower Bouquets

Happy First Day of Spring!!  Winter and Spring in Arizona is really gorgeous.  Although we had 92 degree weather this weekend, and I could do without that... But, better weather is a coming and I hope you guys are getting out of snow and into Spring wherever you are!

Anyhow, let's get to the DIY- flower pun bouquets!  Using my retro label maker, I made some punny flower jokes and wrapped the flowers in some heavy card stock!

I really, really lilac you ;) Also, I KNOW these are not lilacs, but I could not find them anywhere and I liked the pun too much to give it up!

Our tulips should kiss!! I Loveeee this one!

And, you're ranunculus (in a good way)

If you have pretty handwriting (I do not...) you can just hand write your funny pun for the perfect little pick me up for a friend.  Anyone could use flowers and a good groan and chuckle!

Happy Spring!

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