Blood Orange Screwdriver Cocktail Recipe

If you have been to the grocery store, Trader Joe's or Pinterest lately, you may have noticed that blood oranges are in season!!  Yummy!!  They are such a beautiful and fun colored citrus and seem to only be available a short time of the year.  The short season makes it even more special when you can finally pick them up and eat one- or make a couple drinks!

As usual, I keep my drinks pretty simple, I love citrus and herbs and some kind of alcohol.  I am not too picky, lol.

How to Make a Blood Orange Screwdriver

2 parts freshly squeezed blood orange juice
1 part Vodka
Muddled mint
Mint for garnish

Mix all ingredients and enjoy!

I love adding some kind of herb to pretty much any citrus drink.  We planted our herb garden about two weeks ago and I cannot wait for my fresh herbs to add to drinks and meals!

Cheers and enjoy!

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