Fonts & Designs For Your Valentine

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Over Christmas, I shared Fonts to Make Your Holiday Sparkle which was an amazing font & design bundle for a HUGE discount.  Font Bundles has released an entirely new package for Valentine's Day, again filled with over 1000 fonts and design elements!  It is available for only $29!! (price without bundle for all the elements is $449)  Here are some of my favorite fonts and designs from the Valentine bundle:  (download the bundle here)

All the cute little elements decorating the fonts above are included in the bundle- I think my favorite is that heart balloon <3

A fun print included to be used for any design project or print out for your Valentine (they have many more prints available in the bundle)

And I designed this one with the bicycle design element and the font Dallon.  The Valentine is from the sweet lyrics of the 90s star Nelly.  I am sure he had simple, beautiful intentions.

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