DIY Valentine Sprinkle Pills

I know I have done sprinkle pills before, but when I saw Valentine heart sprinkles, I just could not resist doing a Valentine version of the pills.  They are so cute and a perfect love potion for your Valentine or Galentine! And you can eat them! 

Maybe one day I will use the capsule maker to make homemade vitamins- technically that is what it is used for and not to make glitter or sprinkle pills... ;)

Double 00 Capsules
Double 00 Capsule Machine Filler (or you can make a handful by opening the capsules yourself)
Heart & Red & Pink Nonpareils-  I linked to the ones I used- I picked up mine at the grocery store!

Fill your capsules with sprinkles!

Press down and they are filled!

Pop them out!

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