DIY Cotton Candy Valentine

If you have been reading A Bubbly Life long enough, you may know I am not totally into sweets. There are a few exceptions to this rule and cotton candy is one of them! I looovvveee cotton candy.  So, why not make cotton candy valentines this year, instead of chocolate?

Cotton Candy
Alphabet Sugar Sheets*

* The reviews for this said it would be very difficult to get the letters and I was worried but I still wanted to try.  I had no problem peeling the letters off at all, so perhaps the product has been updated since some reviews.  It was SO ridiculously easy.  I even left a review on the product so others see that it was easy, ha!

All you do is peel the letters off and attach, you may need to put a dot of water to the back of the letter to get it to stick.  The letters taste just like a bit of sugar, they do not have much flavor.

Instead of plain white cotton candy cones, I like to grab a party horn for more color to put the cotton candy on!

How about a heart for Valentine's Day?

Happy Valentine's Day!! Try something sweet AND original this Valentine!  Will be such a sweet surprise!

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