DIY Acrylic Signs & Rosé Party!

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Soooo, if I had to choose a favorite party to have with my girlfriends- it would be a rosé tasting party. And by tasting, I mean my girlfriends and I drink a lot of rosé wine and get a break from kids (love you kiddos...) and get to relax.  90+ Cellars & Lila Wines made the party possible- thank you so much!! The sparkling rosé (the bubbly) was my favorite (of course ;) All us gals loved the canned wine- perfect for the long Summer days at the pool or beach!

For the party, I made some cheeky wine quote acrylic signs.  They are so easy to make and require no handwriting skills- you just trace!

Cheers and enjoy!

DIY Materials:
Translucent Acrylic Signs (Fluorescent Pink & Pink Passionfruit)
Free Printables (these are the 2 phrases I chose, you can write whatever you like)
Chalk Marker (if planning to reuse signs) or paint marker if you want to make a permanent one

Place paper under the acrylic sheet and trace!  With chalk markers, press firmly down to get as much chalk as possible, it looks better with a paint pen, but I want to reuse the signs and used a chalk marker.

Decorating for a rosé party is so much fun for a pink and flower lover like me!  I made a balloon centerpiece with eucalyptus and flowers.

 The tablecloth was scattered with spray rose petals (spray roses are smaller and I wanted a smaller confetti look on the table)

And I included floral ice cubes- we all want our rosé chilled!

The Lot 132 Reserve Rosé has a gorgeous GLASS cork, I had never seen that!

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DIY Paint Splatter Dishes

Over Christmas, I made some paint splatter wrapping paper and I LOVED the splatted technique.  I knew I would use it again and again and when I needed some jewelry dishes, it was time to make it happen!

Plain Dish

Mix a tablespoon of water or so into some paint.  Dip your brush in and lightly hit it while moving around the dish.

Let dry and you have a pretty new dish for all the things!

Special thanks to Nick for adding to my jewelry collection all the time :) Love ya babes!

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Blood Orange Screwdriver Cocktail Recipe

If you have been to the grocery store, Trader Joe's or Pinterest lately, you may have noticed that blood oranges are in season!!  Yummy!!  They are such a beautiful and fun colored citrus and seem to only be available a short time of the year.  The short season makes it even more special when you can finally pick them up and eat one- or make a couple drinks!

As usual, I keep my drinks pretty simple, I love citrus and herbs and some kind of alcohol.  I am not too picky, lol.

How to Make a Blood Orange Screwdriver

2 parts freshly squeezed blood orange juice
1 part Vodka
Muddled mint
Mint for garnish

Mix all ingredients and enjoy!

I love adding some kind of herb to pretty much any citrus drink.  We planted our herb garden about two weeks ago and I cannot wait for my fresh herbs to add to drinks and meals!

Cheers and enjoy!

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DIY Pun Flower Bouquets

Happy First Day of Spring!!  Winter and Spring in Arizona is really gorgeous.  Although we had 92 degree weather this weekend, and I could do without that... But, better weather is a coming and I hope you guys are getting out of snow and into Spring wherever you are!

Anyhow, let's get to the DIY- flower pun bouquets!  Using my retro label maker, I made some punny flower jokes and wrapped the flowers in some heavy card stock!

I really, really lilac you ;) Also, I KNOW these are not lilacs, but I could not find them anywhere and I liked the pun too much to give it up!

Our tulips should kiss!! I Loveeee this one!

And, you're ranunculus (in a good way)

If you have pretty handwriting (I do not...) you can just hand write your funny pun for the perfect little pick me up for a friend.  Anyone could use flowers and a good groan and chuckle!

Happy Spring!

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Friday Link Love

I have been loving the weekends lately.  I mean, I always loved them, but since I turned a new leaf in January of self care, the weekends have been SO much better and not as crazy errands-work-family-errands-work.  Its more like- family-family-work-family-eat good food- family-drink good wine-family, ha.
Happy Fri-Yay!

Can you be in love with napkin rings? Yes, yes you can.

A round copper mirror that you DIY. Oh, be still my heart.


Super random fact about me- I LOVE otters

bahaha when I look peaceful.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, love you and thank you for your continued support of A Bubbly Life, which is just little old me sharing my creative whims, you help make my dreams come true.  You guys are the best- xoxo.

A Bubbly Life this week- DIY Rose Coconut Salt Scrub  & Free Fonts To Love (like the font I used in image above ;) 

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DIY Rose Coconut Salt Scrub

Last year, I made a coconut lavender sugar scrub and I planned on making more DIY scrubs and then a year went by... Whoops.  Homemade scrubs are so easy to make and only take minutes- mix a couple ingredients and you have a perfect homemade gift or treat yo self and enjoy a luxurious scrub in the shower!  

Couple drops of rose oil- I used this one which is a mix of rose & peonies

You can replace the pink salt with normal salt or with sugar.  I wanted a pink scrub for the rose, which is why I used pink salt.  

It smells soooo good, I wish I had a scratch and sniff button on blog so you could all smell it at home :)

I live in AZ, so my skin is always dry and for those of you stuck in a winter vortex, this scrub will take away that dryness asap! And you will smell good, too! Bonus! Make them and give some to your friends- no one wants a smelly friend!

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Free Fonts To Love !

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Ever since I discovered Font Bundles, I get so excited for all the freebies they release every week! I collect all sorts of designs and fonts for free and build my little library of designs!  (see my prior posts here for more font & design suggestions from them-  Fonts to Make Your Holidays Sparkle and Fonts & Designs For Your Valentine ) 

Every week, free designs and free fonts are listed and I am thankful for the email I get every week to remind me to grab the latest design and font.

Check out the whole freebie font list (with MORE fonts than listed here) and the design freebie list!

I downloaded all these fonts this week (for free!!!) Grab them quick!

And, I had to make a little encouraging print with a new font!

Enjoy and become a font & design hoarder like me!!

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Friday Link Love

Oh, these last couple weeks.  Hoping to be back to normal blogging shortly.

Still read a bit around the web this week:

Wonder Forest is offering a watercolour class for beginners.  Ive always wanted to take painting up? It is so relaxing.

Hanging coconut planters are so rad

Painted abstract table runner.  So doable, love it so much.


Pink plates. Love this blush color.

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DIY Kawaii Veggie Snack Cones

Post Sponsored by Harvest Snaps

Ohmygosh these are so cute, I just want to eat them all up.  And, so do the kids! When Harvest Snaps asked me to partner with them, I jumped at the opportunity.  The girls love Harvest Snaps (and so do Nick & I, they are NOT just for kids) Onion thyme & haberño are my favorite flavors.  The girls go through the huge bags from Costco of the lightly salted.  Kalia gets them in her lunch.  We are all fan girls. haha.     

I created kawaii veggie cones to hold them all in and we can snack crumb free.

My girls fought over the pink tomato version and I had to print out another pink tomato version so they would stop arguing over it (kids...) 

The cones are so simple to make- and anything to make your kids eat, right!?  You can download the pdfs and print on a card stock paper (or any heavy weight paper) Wrap in a cone and seal with double sided tape or glue. Add Harvest Snaps  and start munching!

Download the kawaii green pea here!

Download the kawaii pink tomato cone here!

Download the kawaii red tomato cone pdf here!

Post sponsored by Harvest Snaps- thank you for supporting sponsors that keep A Bubbly Life going & well fed ;)

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