Gift Guide: The Traveler & Jetsetter

The traveler, what I wouldn't give to be one of those again.  I would have to give away the children, so maybe it is not worth it, but I will think about it.  So, while I am not off jetsetting to Paris or traveling for work, lots of people are out there traveling (including my husband) and these are some perfect gifts for a traveler or any person who likes to add style in their life!

Travel Candle- you never know what your hotel could smell like...

Power Battery in Gold & White- always need to extend that battery life on your phone when traveling.

I am Very Busy Notebook- I need a notebook at all times since I never know when inspiration will hit and when I travel or get a break- inspiration always hits.

Rose gold & marble passport holder- all the heart eyes.

Eye Mask- For all you lucky people that can sleep on a plane (I cannot.)

Gold Makeup Bag- for all your little essentials.

Headphones- Play music to drown out the baby screaming on the plane.  It may be my baby.  Sorry.  And holy crap I need these headphones- soooo pretty.

Cocktail- The cutest little traveling cocktail kit.  There are a couple different ones, the champagne cocktail sounds good to me!

I'm Outta Here Luggage Tag- So cute! From the always dependable brand of awesomeness-

Mini Portable Humidifier- very practical and very needed.  My husband has terrible allergies & a little humidifier while traveling is so great!

All items are in the widget below and added a few more of my favorites :)

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