DIY Paint Splatter Gift Wrap

 Oh my goodness, I loved, loved doing this.  It is my first paint splatter DIY and I am HOOKED.  It was so easy and really fun.  It is ridiculously fun to basically throw paint everywhere.  This gift wrap is not just for Christmas, but since it is Christmas-time and we need a way to wrap gifts- let's make it pretty and easy and fun.

Solid Colored Gift Wrap- picked up mine at the 99 cent store!
Paint Brush

Put your paint in a bowl and add a little bit of water to thin out the paint.  Do not add too much water, just enough to make the consistency a little bit runnier so that it will splatter easily.

And dip your brush in the paint and "flick" it in air above paper.  Repeat until paper is covered.  There is no real method, just wave the paint brush around on top and watch as paint splatters.

Look at your pretty paper and wrap!

Unfortunately the pink splatter on the white doesn't show in photo well but it is gorgeous!

Beware, 2017, it just might be the year of paint splatter DIYs!

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