DIY Colorful Light Wreath

One of my favorite Christmas holiday decorating DIYs that I have done is my light wreath. I love itso much that we keep it up year round on our brick fireplace. This year, I decided to make a new one - and I wanted it BRIGHT and COLORFUL. So easy to do!

Wreath Form
Colorful Globe Lights- I picked up mine at Target, but do not see them online. 
I used two strands for a 17 inch wreath form.

These instructions are from my last light wreath DIY:

Really simple, I strung the lights around the wreath through the wires. 

The first strand, I carefully counted bulbs and meticulously attached each one to the wreath frame.  Guess what?  It looked exactly the same as if I just wrapped it around and did not bother with the whole counting and attachment thing.  So, the next strands I made it simple, and just wrapped it around!

Doesn't it even look great just sitting on the wall unlit?
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