Friday Link Love

I have not joined in on the pin flair fad that is raging everywhere these days. But, Holy sh*t I want this pin.  (And, that is all the politics you will get here folks, but, PLEASE VOTE! Ok, now I am done.)

The only kind of Olympic game I would be good at.

I love these Halloween printables!  Pink & black is my jam.

There is copper wrapping paper. In the UK. Send it on over!

Boho party dreams. I love so much everything here.

A DIY for no sew leather pouches! I want to make!

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A Bubbly Life this week- DIY Copper & Wood Hooks  & The Emotions of Bloggers Told Thru GIFs

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DIY Copper Wood Hooks

My entryway is finally complete- whew hooooo!  It was a very long process as I was being SUPER picky.  I searched hundreds of benches. And then I started to search for the perfect hooks.  And then I started to go insane because I was spending too much time looking at benches and hooks. And then I remembered what I do for a living, so I DIYed the hooks!

I searched for a bench I wanted for monthsssssss... I even bought one I loved but it did not work in the space and it sits in our bedroom instead, as I loved it so much I did not want to return it.  But, I digress, let's move on to how to make the hooks!

Wooden Dowel- 1/2 inch size  (cut the wooden dowel into 3.75 inch pieces using a saw, you can make your hooks longer but they will be less sturdy)
Copper Pipe Caps- 3/4 inch size
Dowel Screws

Drill a hole into each wooden dowel piece (use a 3/16th drill bit)

Insert the dowel screw into the hole, we used pliers to get it in there!

Glue the copper pipe cap to the wooden dowel.

Allow to dry and get ready to screw into wall!!

Entryway Sources:

Slat Wooden Bench- Similar
DIY Round Copper Mirror
Pineapple Bowl Similar
Copper Basket Similiar

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The Emotions of Bloggers As Told Thru GIFS

Sometimes, you just need to laugh and this blog post today is to make you laugh!!  For all my fellow bloggers and readers a little insight into being a blogger (with some tongue-in-cheek ;)

Blogger emotions, as told in GIFs, starring my favorite people (so, mostly Parks n Rec & I had to cut like 3 Anna Kendrick because I do not want to out myself as her stalker)

1) When someone leaves a negative, MEAN, entirely NOT constructive comment.

First, you experience- Sadness.  (Particularly, when you are new to blogging)  2 GIFs for this because I could not pick one...



Anger for all the haters out there! (and your blog bestie's response to the mean comment)


Moving on. (and reaction when you have been blogging for a bit)


2) When someone leaves a comment telling you you are a beautiful unicorn who sprinkles rainbows of love everywhere (or some other nice comment)


3) Posting an epic blog post (in your opinion)


4) But, then you get nothing, no love from anybody.


5) Feelings on Instagram likes.


6) When a post goes viral.


7) If you had a dollar for every time someone asked you to work for free.


8) When you arrive at a blog conference and your tribe sees you.


9) Working from home means. (sweatpants optional)


10) When someone copies/steals your idea and posts it as their own.


11) When a brand you love contacts you to work with them.


12)  And, finally- Having a career that you love.


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Friday Link Love

Some say I say "awesome" too much.  I disagree.  Awesome Vibes Print.

You can make a leather lamp? Want to do.

Marbled oven mitts.  I feel slightly odd that I am linking oven mitts, but they are so awesome and I want them now. Trust me, they are beautiful.

Gem adorned boxes I can DIY. gorgeous.

A Bubbly Life this week- DIY Sweet Dreams Water Carafe & Blackberry Clementine Mojito

Have an AWESOME ;) weekend!!

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Blackberry Clementine Mojito Cocktail Recipe

A fall inspired mojito! Purple and includes clementines- who would not want a purple cocktail for Halloween (or anytime?)

Have clementines hit your grocery stores yet?? My kids love clementines and we buy huge bags and I spend my days peeling clementines for lunches, snacks, etc...  And, while peeling, I could not help but think they would go good in a cocktail.  This is what kid lunch duty has done to me, haha. Anyhoo, let's get this cocktail started!!

1 part Rum
1 part Blackberry
1 part Clementines
Small handful of Mint Leaves
Club Soda

* I do not like drinks very sweet and use fruit to sweeten up the drink, if you want your drink sweeter, add simple syrup or some agave!

How to Make a Blackberry Clementine Mojito!

Unpeel your clementine and mesh thru a sieve to make some clementine juice.  Add about 6 blackberries and do the same thru the sieve and you got yourself some juice!  (Alternatively you can blend this together, but I am lazy and did not want to get out blender)  I also wanted to make a huge pretty mess while mashing the blackberries :)

Reserve a couple mint leaves for garnish and finely chop rest of mint.

Muddle one blackberry mint, blackberry & clementine juice.

Add muddled mixture, rum and club soda to cocktail shaker.

Pour and garnish with mint leaves and pieces of clementine if you like!

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DIY Painted Sweet Dreams Carafe

Yes, it is true, I drink pink water or as I like to call it- unicorn water. *

A little, random fact about me- I love water and I HAVE to (HAVE TO!) keep it by my bedside at night.  Now, an annoying fact about me- I forget to get a glass of water all the time and my sweet husband very begrudgingly patiently and angrily cheerfully gets me a glass when I forget (obviously, I am cozy and tucked in and do not want to move...)  After 12 years of marriage, I may have discovered a small solution... this way Nick only has to get water maybe 2 or 3 times a week?  Love you babe ;)- we will include "I will get my wife water every night because she is so forgetful" when we renew our vows.  The vow inclusion is more for me, makes me feel less guilty about it.

The solution was a water carafe! But, it looked a little too plain, so a simple 5 minute DIY and it was perfect!  I matched it with my Sweet Dreams duvet- you can see that in my DIY painted headboard post.

Paint Pen
Glass Carafe (I used IKEA's but any glass carafe will do that the opening is large enough to slip a piece of paper- that will make sense in the instructions below ;) 

Print your chosen phrase or if you have awesome handwriting go for it.  You can download Sweet Dreams here.  (I drew the eyes freehand)

Trim paper down to size to fit carafe.

Slide into carafe.

Tape to prevent movement.

Trace over letters and freehand the closed eyes if you like!

Marriage issue solved.

Disclaimer: I do NOT drink pink dyed water, clear water would not photograph the writing well, so I added food coloring to help! Looks great in person using the white pen with water though, so do not worry!  But, hey unicorn water sounds fun!

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Friday Link Love

Peace out Arizona! I am heading back East and cannot wait to dive into Fall leaves!!  Follow along on Instagram!

Yes Way, Vacay tank.

Want to make this coffee caddy!

I am pinning like crazy over on my Fall & Halloween board.  I love the cooler weather and pretty leaves!

Ohmygosh this pumpkin succulent planter is SO FLIPPING CUTE!!

I needed a travel carry on bag for my trip, I usually borrow Nick's, but since we are actually going away together (yippeee!!) I needed one for me!   I went with and it was so hard to decide between this one and this one.  Any guesses which I decided on?

Have a WONDERFUL weekend and all my FL readers- stay safe!!

A Bubbly Life this week- DIY Floral Eucalyptus Pumpkins  & DIY Twig Name Tags

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DIY Floral Eucalyptus Pumpkins

Fall.  My favorite season.  "Traditional" Fall colors are not necessarily my thing and this is my version of bringing Fall into my home- with a bit of a lighter color palette.  It works for me- and since Fall is my favorite season, I must be an expert ;)

I first shared a glimpse of the floral pumpkins last year- where I also used purples and pinks for my Fall decorating. But, I only briefly mentioned the floral pumpkins and I felt like they deserved their very own post so you can do them at home. (And, it was so fun to shoot! ;)

Drill (one long bit & one short bit if doing small pumpkins)

The eucalyptus I decided to simply tie around the pumpkin stem, but you can drill and add it to the pumpkin instead- whatever looks good to you!

You can also just stop the DIY right here if you wish, I think the eucalyptus looks gorgeous!  And, with no holes the pumpkin will last longer!

But, some of us want flowers too.  All the pretty things, yes?  Decide where you will want your flowers on pumpkin, leave a pencil mark if you wish. Using a long drill bit, drill the holes in the pumpkin.  You can also just use a short bit and make the hole not as deep, you will just have to trim more of the flower, I prefer keeping the stem longer.  (also, with smaller pumpkins, you will need a smaller size drill bit) 

Add your flowers and you are ready to go with a beautiful table centerpiece, outdoor decoration, whatever you like!  I love it as a table centerpiece and it lies on my dining table as of now.  (I also added flower petals and eucalyptus leaves to the table setting)

I love it for Fall and will be perfect to use Thanksgiving!!  Since we are drilling holes in fresh pumpkins and not watering the flowers, the pumpkins will last 3 nights at most- but ideal for a dinner night with friends.  I need to try a faux pumpkin version and fill it with water!

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DIY Twig Name Tag Flags from Scandinavian Gatherings

I am so, SO excited to share Scandinavian Gatherings today!  Authored by Melissa Behan (otherwise known as Lulu the Baker in blog land) it is a beautiful book chocked full of recipes & crafts celebrating and embracing Scandinavian culture.   The book is a stunning homage to Melissa's love and fondness for her Scandinavian heritage. I felt right at home while reading even though most of the ideas were new to me.  Melissa brings a familial warmth in her writing and I wanted to jump right in and share the traditions with my own family!  And, I did!

One of my favorite chapters in the book is the Woodland Tea Party!  Tea parties are kind of a big thing around here... lol, the girls loooovvvveeee them, so I knew I would tackle a recipe or craft from this chapter right away!

I chose the twig name tag flags to try at home.  The steps were simple enough that the girls could do some of the glueing and cutting and I wanted to share the craft with them.

Photo by Charity Burggraa for Scandinavian Gatherings

The girls, however, insisted on pink flags, so we strayed a bit from the traditional Scandinavian look.

Melissa has generously provided the tutorial for you below!  Thank you for sharing Melissa and thank you for helping me create new tea party traditions with my girls!!

Red card stock (or in my case pink ;) 
Scissors or paper trimmer 
31⁄2-inch-long twigs, 1 per guest 
Glue stick or double-sided tape 
White fine-tipped gel pen 
Thick slices of tree branches, about 1⁄4 inch thick and larger than
1 inch in diameter, 1 per guest 
Craft glue 

1. Use the scissors or paper trimmer to cut the red card stock into long rectangles measuring about 3⁄4 by 4 inches (one strip per guest). 

2. To make each flag, wrap one strip of the card stock around one end of a thin twig, lining up the edges exactly. Use glue or a piece of double-sided tape to a ach the card stock to itself. 

3. Cut a triangle out of the free end of the card stock to give it a flag shape. 

4. Write each guest’s name on a flag using the white gel pen. Allow the marker to dry completely. 

5. While the marker is drying, make a hole in the center of each branch slice by using a hammer to pound a nail into the center almost all the way through the branch slice, then pulling it out. 

6. Put a small dot of craft glue into each hole, then glue the twig flags into the holes. Allow them to dry. 

Note: Tree branch slices are available from the wood hobby aisle of the craft store. 

If you have a drill with a small-gauge drill bit, it will make holes in your branch slices much faster than a hammer and a nail. Just make sure you use a drill bit that is about the same size around as your twigs. 

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