DIY Painted Confetti Handwritten Plates

These plates were part of last week's birthday celebrations and I did not get the chance to post them! Too much birthday, I guess ;)

I have terrible handwriting, it is not much of a secret, but I figured a little trick around that for these plates! If you are like me and LOVE beautiful hand lettered anything, but have the handwriting of a doctor, than this DIY is yours!!

Glass Plates  ( I pick up mine at the thrift store for $1 or less)
Paint Pen

*If you want to use the font I used, you can download the template here!

When you select Print, go to more options on your Print window and select flip or reverse image in the printer settings.

Tape the word to the front of your plate (the side you eat on)

Flip over the plate and trace over the word.

When you are done tracing your word, draw confetti (if you wish) and  Let dry (only takes a few minutes).

Flip over and you have a painted plate you can eat on!  All the paint is on the outside of the plate!

Hand wash with care!

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