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Yes. Logical. No one should ever be sad. Print

Whipped Feta Pear Rosemary Crostini  Can you seem me drooling as I type that?

Let's be honest, I need to organize my receipts better, maybe Fall For DIY has the answer.

I am obsessed with these half moon manicures.  I just need someone to do it for me...

Gold leaf jack o lanterns. Stole my heart.

I want this dress.   To wear in my glam life of kids and Netflix when they are asleep, but whatever, maybe Ill go out more.

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DIY Simple Eucalyptus Wreath

We have a few eucalyptus trees in our backyard and I love finding ways to use the clippings in the house.  Last year, I used eucalyptus to help with my Fall tablescape  and we are currently searching for art to add to our walls and we are filled with blank space.  A wreath was a good solution to decorate the walls while we wait for art!

Eucalyptus Trimmings (you can purchase these very inexpensively or you can cut them off the huge trees in my yard ;)
Clear Scotch Tape
Large Embroidery Hoop

I call this wreath, use anything I had on hand to make it work.  I wanted a wood circle and an embroidery hoop was perfect!  Tip! I see embroidery hoops at the thrift store ALL the time. So much that I stopped buying it when I saw them because I have a hoarder's nest of them enough.  I also did not have any floral tape, but clear tape worked fine, maybe the wreath perfectionists will care, but I do not :)

All I did was wrap the trimmings as I liked them and wrapped the tape a couple times around each individual clipping and the embroidery hoop.  You can make the wreath as full as you like.  I wanted the wood to show, which is why I used less clippings.

Enjoy this delicate touch for your home- I think it is beautiful for Fall but can work throughout holidays easily!

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Fall Favorites For Fashion & Home

My Fall picks are not that very different from my every day picks, but I am digging the softer blush pinks, grays and metallics for Fall.  Everyday picks always include pink and metallics, but usually brighter, so I count this towards Fall favorites for fashion and home this year!

Pink Pleated Maxi Skirt- I would love to pair this with a mini moto leather jacket.

Copper Metal Basket- To fill cozy throws and pillows with!

Wooden Salad Servers- I love the color of the wood and salad may not sound like a Fall thing, but I Love, love, roasted veggie salads with warmed goat cheese- I eat that salad all Fall & Winter long!

Shoe- omygawd that heel. Love it. Want it.  I think I can still carry the kids & walk in it.

Copper triangle towel holder- I think this would be perfect in our bathroom.

Rose gold balloon dog- I just got this in pink. I debated rose gold and went with pink because I have a lot of copper in my house, so I thought the pink would pop?  Even Nick likes it and said "it was cute" He only uses the word cute to describe our girls, so I call it a win.

Essie Go Go Geisha Nail Polish- the light pink is part of their new Fall line.  I love to pair pink with dark purple and navy blue in Fall.

See by ChloĆ© purse- If I had tons of disposable income, this would be in my closet. Purse & shoes.  My weaknesses.

Pom Pom Blanket-  A comfy pink blanket with pom poms!? Yes.

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Friday Link Love


I love Fall.  AZ does not really get it, but I am heading back East in a couple weeks!! Whew hoo!!!

I need a new keyring & this DIY one sounds perfect.

I think this will remind me to water my plants.

I think this pot needs to hold one of my plants.

I loveee these coasters.

This shirt is perfect and I want it.

A Bubbly Life this week- Fall Apple Cider Pear Vodka Cocktail & DIY Leather Star Hair Clips

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Fall Apple Cider Pear Vodka Cocktail

Fall is tomorrow! Fall is hands down my favorite season. I grew up in New York and autumn is just so gorgeous there. Perfect, brisk weather with stunning fall colors in nature everywhere (mixed in with skyscrapers but whateves) Living in AZ, I do not get much of the Fall experience anymore, so we fly back East every October, so in a couple weeks I will be jumping into a pile of leaves! In the meantime, a fall inspired cocktail will help ease my Fall desires...

I received the recipe from my very good friend Glenda, who blogs here on Glenda's Agenda, she called it the Fall in Your Mouth Cocktail- which is a great name- pear, apple, vanilla and vodka- that is Fall ;)  She received it from a friend who received it from a friend and so forth, so if this happens to be your recipe, let me know!

2 shots Apple cider
One shot Pear Vodka
One shot Vanilla Vodka

Cinnamon sugar for glass rim.

Garnish with apple or pear slice or a cinnamon stick!

When cleaning up the shoot, the flower petals stuck to the apples and pears, and I could not help but take photos. I fell in love with the look!

Cheers to Fall!! For all you NOT in Arizona, I am sure you are beginning to enjoy it ;)

Want more cocktail ideas? 

Cucumber Salty Dog 
 Rosa Picante Margarita  

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DIY Leather Star Hair Clips

I can never have too many hair clips.  I have long hair, so they are necessary. But, the real issue is I have 2 girls who love playing dress up and lose my hair clips all the time... They are cute & sweet though, so they get away with it.  Instead of the simple hair clips I wear all the time, I thought adding some stars would be more exciting.   So, when I am rocking my messy bun, I can add a star and look like I am NOT a hot mess.  Doubtful, but I try.

Leather Sheets (This etsy shop has every color imaginable) Metallic gold.
Super glue
Barrettes/Hair Clips

Cut out your stars.  I free handed cutting them out, I did not want perfect looking ones and wanted each star unique.

Glue your star to the barrette. Allow ample drying time, no one wants super glue in your hair!!

Rock your new hair barrettes.  I like to group a couple on the side.

I particularly love the gold metallic stars- and it is a perfect color for Fall!

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Friday Link Love

In case you missed it, Kalia started Kindergarten this year.  So, my 2 year old and I are kicking it alone now.  And, I forgot about the wonderful, sweet bliss that is nap time.  (Love you babies, but Mom needs a break) 

Nap Time. I am working more and not paying anyone to help.  AH-mazing.  Until she stops taking naps and we return to hot mess Mom.  Although I am still hot mess Mom but just to a lesser extent...  

Marble, ahh I want this! I wonder if I could just buy a tile though... 

A Bubbly Life this week- DIY Painted Confetti Handwritten Plates & DIY Retro Label Maker Pumpkins

DIY Retro Label Maker Pumpkins

It is about that time for the pumpkins to come out and play.  I tend to shy away from traditional Fall colors and neon pink is acceptable all year round in my book.  So, I am a fan of these modern pumpkins.  And, like most of my DIYs- it only takes minutes!!  I am pretty much the least organized person ever and now I want to Label ALL THE THINGS!   (but, like fun things, not paperwork and office stuff)  So, I shall remain disorganized much to Nick's dismay.  Love you, Boo! 

(haha, see what I did there ;)

Label Maker
Neon Label Tape
Real or Faux Mini Pumpkins
Spray Paint (optional, but I could not find plain white mini pumpkins which is what I wanted) 

Create your words with the label.  The label maker I linked (only $8 bucks!) is only vintage type one I could find (this is not actual vintage label maker it is in vintage style, you can find vintage label makers on Etsy, but $$$)  A trick for the label maker is to HOLD DOWN tightly for a few seconds when making each letter.  If you briefly click the letter, it will not come out bright and clear.

Make your words and phrases and stick onto your pumpkins!

And, here is a black label embossed version for a more traditional Halloween look.  (The label maker linked in the materials list comes with black tape.)

But, we all know which is my favorite:

Happy Halloween and happy pumpkin making!!

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DIY Painted Confetti Handwritten Plates

These plates were part of last week's birthday celebrations and I did not get the chance to post them! Too much birthday, I guess ;)

I have terrible handwriting, it is not much of a secret, but I figured a little trick around that for these plates! If you are like me and LOVE beautiful hand lettered anything, but have the handwriting of a doctor, than this DIY is yours!!

Glass Plates  ( I pick up mine at the thrift store for $1 or less)
Paint Pen

*If you want to use the font I used, you can download the template here!

When you select Print, go to more options on your Print window and select flip or reverse image in the printer settings.

Tape the word to the front of your plate (the side you eat on)

Flip over the plate and trace over the word.

When you are done tracing your word, draw confetti (if you wish) and  Let dry (only takes a few minutes).

Flip over and you have a painted plate you can eat on!  All the paint is on the outside of the plate!

Hand wash with care!

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Friday Link Love

Yep, tomorrow is my birthday!!!!!  I love birthdays.  I truly believe every year is a gift, even moreso now that I lost my Mom who I thought of as young,  so I do not mind growing older.  But, I am a lady, so I dont share my age, ha!  Print

I wish I lived in LA so I could go to Molly's parties.

I have literally said this statement and it blew my mind that other people think it and are like me.  Thank you, Pinterest. 

Remember when I made gold leaf maracas for a party?  The entire boho gorgeous fiesta party went live today and it has so many beautiful details!

A Bubbly Life this week- Birthday Cake Party in A Box

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Birthday Cake Party in A Box!

*Post sponsored by Cold Stone Creamery, all opinions are my own

Every year, I love to celebrate my birthday on the blog with a fun DIY- Birthday in a Box & Free Printable Wrapping Paper are two other perfect posts to celebrate anyone's birthday!!

This year, Cold Stone Creamery partnered with me for the birthday post and I did a much larger take on my Birthday in a Box- a birthday cake party in a box!! What birthday is complete without a delicious cake to enjoy!?  A very simple gift idea, but everything is in the presentation- you can add whatever you like to the box to make the birthday girl (or boy) feel special!  All you need is some tape and sparkle ;)

Materials are all optional but here is a list of the materials I used- Tape whatever you like onto the box to bring out a party!

Pink cake box
Alphabet Stickers 
Candles (I picked up these adorable YAY! candles)
Washi Tape
Confetti Poppers
Party Horns

First, I ordered my Cold Stone Creamery birthday cake online.  I chose the Cake Batter Confetti for my birthday celebration and they have a variety of ice cream cakes you can order year round for any birthday party.   Cold Stone Creamery will also add any message onto the cake you want! For my birthday this year, I may have them write in Don't Ask! ;)  

I picked up the cake from Cold Stone and got to decorating and creating the perfect birthday cake party in a box!

I added stickers to the top of the cake box for my birthday message-

Then I opened the box and taped candles, matches, balloons to the lid!

Inside I added the delicious Cold Stone Creamery cake  and beside it laid some confetti shooters and party horns!

Once the birthday recipient opens- it is so easy to start the party- throw some confetti, blow up some balloons, stick in your candles to your birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday!!

Cold Stone Creamery is also having a Pinterest contest and you can win $100 of deliciousness- A Cold Stone Creamery gift card & $400 Visa Gift card! For pinning! I pin in my sleep!

1) Follow Cold Stone on Pinterest  2) Create a Birthday Party inspiration board (I have loads of inspiration for ya ;)! )  3) Pin at least one item from Cold Stone board to your Birthday Party board & all your other ideas for best party ever 4) When you are done, submit your username here!

Good luck friends, and happy birthday to my fellow September babies, there are a lot of us!

* Post sponsored by Cold Stone Creamery- thank YOU for supporting sponsors that make A Bubbly Life possible (and yummy.)

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Friday Link Love

Love this print and its' always a good reminder.

Good in Store has a pre-release of her new designs for Fall.  3 designs about kindness, I dont know which I like more! #decisionsarehard

I want to make this t-shirt.  Okey Dokey.

I say I want to make these shrinky dink necklaces for my girls, but, really I want them for me.

Bought this dress & have worn it only 2 times so far. And, I love it. And, everyone asks me where I got it, and my dirty little secret is it was a steal on Amazon.

A bunny knob! This is SO cute!

Any fun plans this Labor Day weekend???  We are not doing much, but Nick's birthday is Monday & the girls have told me exactly what to do to make the day great for Dad.  They are 2 and 5 years old, very specific with their demands (I am quite proud)  and, clearly, my party planning has rubbed off (not sure if that is good or bad, ha!)

A Bubbly Life this week- School Supplies for Adults & Before & After Thrift Store Makeover

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