Before & After Thrift Store Shelf Makeover

I picked up another shelf from the thrift store recently, I think it was around $4-5?  If you follow me on Snapchat, I always show what I come home from the thrift store with, but I forgot this price, so dont yell at me if I am mistaken and you have Snapchat proof!

So, the before:

I assume it is meant as a record stand given the racks, but, I already have an awesome record stand from my last thrift store shelf,  so thought it would be perfect for magazines and some plants. Like my last shelf makeover, I simply went with spray paint.  The metal was not rusted so much that I needed a rust reformer (or maybe I was being lazy) but all I used for each piece was primer and spray paint mix.

For the wood, I went with a glossy white.  The metal, I wanted a shiny copper/rose gold look and used this one. (Thanks Molly for the rec!)

Again, I use my husband as the final opinion.  He hated it when I brought it in (as usual, like wtf when will he give me a chance? ;) and now he loves it (I put it in the bathroom to hold all his Phoenix Home & Garden magazines, haha, true story, but bathroom has terrible lighting so no photo of it) 

Something I look for in a thrift store makeover for these little pieces is I carefully check if it can easily be taken apart, this only had a couple screws and was simple to take apart so I could spray paint the pieces different colors without adding a ton of painter's tape. 

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School Supplies for "Adults"

I work at home, so a name plate is unnecessary, until I met "I only see shades of pink"  name plate and it must be mine.

Oops eraser.  If only it worked on life, ha.

Unicorn scissors.  I own these :) After I saw them on Lines Across instagram, they had to be mine!

Copper binder clips- so many uses and SO beautiful.

My puppy chewed my favorite earbuds (wahhhhhh) I like how long these pink ones are!

Maybe I wont hate filing so much with a pretty file organizer.

Cute notebooks are always necessary.  I liked so many from the etsy shop, I linked more in the Shop the Post widget below (unicorns, anyone??)

A gold foil coffee travel mug.  Now that Kalia is in Kindergarten I am traveling with my coffee 5 days a week, I need some more travel mugs!!

I had so much fun curating this post that I found a bunch more stuff as well, I included more in the Shop the Post widget!

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Friday Link Love

September is really next week?  Better get a bit more rosé in before Summer is gone!

Rosé print

Want to make this peg board

5 Low maintenance plants to adopt this season- Dream Green DIY has a list of plants you cannot kill (or at least they are hard to, I am sure I can...)

I hear people have leftover wine sometimes... and this is the cutest solution to save it!

Sounds like an excellent plan.

A Bubbly Life this week-   DIY Simple Cake Decorating Hack  & Recipe Chocolate Peanut Butter Popcorn

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DIY Simple Cake Decorating Hack

Post sponsored by MARS.  All thoughts, opinions and ideas are my own- Happy Anniversary M&Ms!!

Someone special is celebrating 75 years! Let's Celebrate with M!!  To celebrate 75 years of deliciousness, we have partnered with M&M's for some fun party hacks.

I love making "naked cakes"- a blank slate of a cake made beautiful and fun with a simple decoration hack.   Using M&M's you can say anything you want on a cake!  And, who wouldn't love cake with an M&M's topping?

You can either order a cake or make one at home.  I picked up all my goodies at Kroger (otherwise known as Fry's Food & Drug in AZ!)

Grab your M&M's and begin to decorate!  You can do a number for a birthday or anniversary:

A shape- how about a heart to say I love you? You can also add M&M's to the outside of the cake as shown (more M&Ms in each bite ;)

Spell out a simple word- like Yay!  Or use the party recipient's initials.

The best part?  It is SO easy!  Even I can do this (I am terrible at decorating cakes, so I need all the simple hacks I can get) and with 2 girls climbing all over me at all times eating the M&Ms as I make it, I love that this literally takes minutes to create.  Because the kids would eat all the M&Ms before I could get them on the cake if it took long ;)

M&M's also make the perfect party decor (and you can eat them when the party is over ;) I decorate all my tables with confetti- and edible confetti is the best!  Sprinkle the table with M&M's for a colorful table backdrop.  I added mini balloons and confetti horns to create a bright, colorful party.

Another simple party hack is to fill bottles with M&M's and use them as balloon weights.  For the picture below, I loved the look of the balloons on the table, so I taped balloons to the bottle.  But, fill big balloons with some helium and you have an instant backdrop!

If you feel like treating yo self with some M&Ms and do not feel like baking/cooking/decorating... (because kids).  You can get M&M cookies at your local Kroger bakery for a quick and yummy treat. 

Cake decorating made easy with M&Ms- yummyyy- Enjoy!

Sponsored by MARS.  Thank you for supporting brands that help A Bubbly Life keep going! I only partner with brands I love & support!

Recipe Chocolate Peanut Butter M&M's Popcorn

Post sponsored by MARS.  All thoughts, opinions and ideas are my own- Happy Anniversary M&Ms!!

We partnered with M&Ms to share this special treat to celebrate their 75th anniversary!
Meanwhile, over in ABL land we are beginning our first year of school.  Kalia enters Kindergarten and we are both a bit nervous.  I want to start a weekly ritual where she comes home from a long day and we cook/bake/share a special treat.  Kalia loves popcorn and loves M&Ms.  She also helps by stirring and loves to crush the M&M's herself.  A little mother-daughter bonding to help us both ease into school.

How to Make Chocolate Peanut Butter M&M's Popcorn

3 TBS Peanut Butter M&M's
2 TBS Semi- Sweet Dark Chocolate Baking Bits
Popped Popcorn
Splash of milk or cream

I picked up all the goodies at Kroger- they are having a special sale for the 75th celebration!  Find your local Kroger here!

Crush 2 TBS of the peanut butter M&M's.

Pour and stir into bowl of popcorn.

Microwave 2 TBS Semi- Sweet Dark Chocolate Baking Bits for 30 seconds in a microwave safe bowl.

Crush with spoon and stir.  Microwave for another 30 seconds until melted.
Add a splash of milk and stir.
Drizzle melted chocolate over popcorn.
Add the left over 1 TBS of whole peanut butter M&M's to popcorn.
Stir it all and enjoy the sweet and salty deliciousness!

The popcorn and peanut butter M&M's create a delicious savory side, while the candy coated shell and dark chocolate baking bits give the popcorn a sweet touch.

Happy Back to School!  Wish me luck as Kalia begins her first year!

Sponsored by MARS.  Thank you for supporting brands that help A Bubbly Life keep going! I only partner with brands I love & support!

Friday Link Love

Granny panties totally means I love you. Hilarious print via Etsy shop Dena Cooper

The best boho dreams giveaway (including my gold leaf maracas) Head over to The Love Designed Life's insta to win a bunch of goodies!

Leather handles make storage boxes look chic.

Kristi Murphy used an IKEA bowl to make this. Genius.

I have been hunting for an entryway bench, I love this one but it is like quadruple the amount I want to spend.  I have been sketching DIYs of benches but I would be scared to have anyone sit on them...  If anyone has benches they loveeeee send them over to me to check out!!

Possible entryway solution to hang a bunch of our crap.

Bahaha. #truth

Notebook crush.

This Mom recreates celeb Mom instagram photos & its like the best thing I've seen all week.  Maybe this one is my fav, but they are all SO good.

A Bubbly Life this week- DIY Gold Leaf Maracas  & Spiked Basil Infused Lemonade

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Spiked Basil Infused Lemonade Cocktail

I had to fit in one more Summer cocktail before we start Fall crafts and cocktails.  In Arizona, I have high temperatures until October, so this drink will keep me cool for awhile!  Infusing lemonade with herbs is such an easy way to make a cocktail.  And, you can just keep it as a mocktail and not include the alcohol!

How to Make a Spiked Basil Infused Lemonade
Pink Lemonade (you can make your own or buy pre-made, I like Trader Joe's low calorie version)
Fresh Basil Leaves
Vodka (optional, not optional if you want your lemonade spiked)

The lemonade cocktail is perfect for a party because it is very simple and you can easily serve a large amount of people without much hassle.  And, I like to mingle with my guests at parties, not sit in the kitchen stirring drinks and making food the whole time!

 Purchase a huge container of lemonade (or make your own) and add a large bunch of basil leaves to it.  Mix and leave in fridge for a couple hours before serving.

Once the party starts, pour a glass and add vodka!

You can also infuse the lemonade with mint instead (or both basil and mint!) We have a huge bumper crop of basil, so I use basil for everything right now!

Cheers to the Summer and here's hoping for cooler temps soon!

Lots more Summer cocktails for you!   Try- 
Coconut Watermelon Rum Cocktail
Cucumber Salty Dog 
 Rosa Picante Margarita  

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DIY Gold Leaf Maracas

I loveeee the blogging community and connecting with fellow creatives.  Paige from the beautiful blog, The Love Designed Life is celebrating her son's first birthday!!  She gathered a bunch of creatives to contribute to her son's modern fiesta.  Be on the lookout for an amazing giveaway on Instagram with The Love Designed Life,  Adelisa & CoHooray EverydayMintedPaperFoxLA,  Tini Pinatas & Woven by Ro    It is your boho, weaved dreams all wrapped up in one giveaway... I want to enter myself, but I think it is not allowed... Maybe I will have my husband sneak in an entry (kidding!!)

Anyhoo, I was asked to do a DIY and I fell in love with these colored maracas... and thought a touch of gold would be perfect.

Maracas!! (isn't that so fun to say!?) 
(You can get all in a kit or buy larger sizes separately if you really love gold leaf like me)
2 Brushes (one for glue, one for sealant)

Brush adhesive on the maracas and wait at least 20 minutes for it to get tacky (the instructions in a gold leaf set say 45 minutes, but in my experience, it does not take that long) 

Place gold leaf sheet on top and smooth down.

Brush sealant on as you smooth down and let dry.

Shake it, baby!!


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Friday Link Love

Bacon Art Print.

Bacon Brie Fig Jam Grilled Sandwich Recipe. Drooolingggg

The Crafted Life & The Paper Mama came out with some awesome new flair that you need to get now!

Want to travel with your babies? Squirrelly Minds has some great tips for you.

I am on the fence about these sunglasses.  I am an aviator girl... but love these...

Pineapple pom pom pillow for the win. (by yours truly)

Lavender margarita.  So pretty looking.

Less than $9 at the Nordstrom sale and free shipping?  Yep, it arrived to my house yesterday.

A Bubbly Life this week- Free Love Printable

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Free Love Printable

When my Mom died last month, one of my blog friend's, Colleen at Lemon Thistle offered to write a guest post or anything I needed in meantime.  I remembered Colleen does the most beautiful hand lettering prints.  I asked if she would write the line " For I Cant Help Falling in Love With You" to celebrate my parent's 43rd wedding anniversary (August 2nd). The Elvis song is their song.  

My parents have an amazing how they met love story.  My Mom called the place my Dad worked to talk to someone and my Dad happened to answer the phone, they ended up talking for four and a half hours. They made a date for Saturday.  It was an afternoon date as my Mom realized she had no idea who this guy was and made dinner plans with friends as a safety net.  The date was a success. They had a date Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. and Thursday they knew it was love.  One month and 3 days after that Saturday date, they were married.  They spent all their money on a honeymoon suite at the Plaza hotel.  Their friends brought lasagna.  So, for 43 years they had lasagna for dinner on August 2nd and that is what I had last night with my Dad to celebrate their anniversary.

The work is beautiful, thank you so much Colleen.  She graciously shared the printables that you can download and print yourself here.  (Please note, for personal use only) 

Love you Mom and Dad-