DIY Vintage Style Summer Tote Bag

So... I was supposed to publish this summer tote bag while I was at the beach last week.  (See Instagram for some beach adventures) But, I went to the beach and forgot about the DIY, haha. So, yes, I am a slacker but hey I am sure a bunch of you live at the beach (you lucky people you) or are heading to the beach and need a bag that says Aloha, Beaches!!

Tote Bag
Vintage Iron on Letters (the only place I found them was Walmart!)
Dye (optional, depends on what color you want & color of letters) We know I wanted pink ;) ...

Dye your tote bag according to dye instructions and let dry.

Place your letters on, put a towel/sheet over to iron.

Head over to the beach and forget your responsibilities. (like I did ;) Trust me, it is a blast.
Happy Summer!

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