DIY Sprinkle Pills!

A couple years ago I made DIY glitter pills to include with my business cards to further my brand, A Bubbly Life,  as a sparkly, fun place to read.  The glitter pills were simply a fun reminder and stuck with people.  Now, let's make some sprinkle pills!  Everyone loves some sprinkles and you can actually eat them if you wanted! They are edible! (unlike the glitter pills, I dont recommend eating them)  Bad day?  Take a sprinkle pill, much lower calorie than cake or ice cream.  Baker?  Add these to your business cards and people will definitely remember you!

How to Make DIY Sprinkle Pills

Rainbow Sprinkles
00 Empty Capsules
Capsule Machine 00 *

*You can pour the sprinkles individually into the empty capsules and close yourself, but the machine does a bunch at once for you!

Break open the capsules and place into the capsule maker (smaller capsule piece to smaller side, larger capsule piece to larger size) Fill with sprinkles.

Clamp down firmly.

And they are filled! Pop out!

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