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Cheers to the freakin weekend. Yes. Please. Right Now.  I have been sick for the better part of two weeks now and throw in both kids being sick somewhere in there, a husband and one kid getting it again.  I want a break please.  I finally felt better yesterday and hope I can celebrate tonight with real food (not broth with a couple veggies) and maybe wine.     Print.

All the rosé please.

Love these coasters.

I have an obsession with chairs lately- like this rocking one and get in my backyard right now and  even one for the kid's playroom.

It's a very long story to tell you how we got here, but the kid's playroom is FINALLY ready to be worked on.  It will be a bit before it makes it to blog as I have not even started (see intro comment) but I am soooo excited.  I will be painting and decorating my heart out.  I may throw a DIY or 2 up in advance (I have plans to work on one this weekend!) but I cannot wait to show you what has been in my head for so long. Hopefully it comes out as good as I imagine :)

A Bubbly Life this week- DIY Sprinkle Pills

Have a wonderful weekend!

DIY Sprinkle Pills!

A couple years ago I made DIY glitter pills to include with my business cards to further my brand, A Bubbly Life,  as a sparkly, fun place to read.  The glitter pills were simply a fun reminder and stuck with people.  Now, let's make some sprinkle pills!  Everyone loves some sprinkles and you can actually eat them if you wanted! They are edible! (unlike the glitter pills, I dont recommend eating them)  Bad day?  Take a sprinkle pill, much lower calorie than cake or ice cream.  Baker?  Add these to your business cards and people will definitely remember you!

How to Make DIY Sprinkle Pills

Rainbow Sprinkles
00 Empty Capsules
Capsule Machine 00 *

*You can pour the sprinkles individually into the empty capsules and close yourself, but the machine does a bunch at once for you!

Break open the capsules and place into the capsule maker (smaller capsule piece to smaller side, larger capsule piece to larger size) Fill with sprinkles.

Clamp down firmly.

And they are filled! Pop out!

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Friday Link Love

Loved this print from Rifle Paper Co.  All proceeds directly benefit the victims and families of the tragedy. 
I shared a couple thoughts on Instagram this week.  Hope your light shines through <3

Some links to love this week:

Ave Styles released her Ave Styles Classroom for Pinterest! At nearly a million followers on Pinterest, a Pinterest ambassador, speaker and Pinner for amazing brands,  Alex knows all the ins and outs of Pinterest.  When you Sign Up you get 3 free videos & they are amazing!!

I like how Lexy plans to stay cool in AZ- delicious and pretty looking!

There is still time to print some Papa & Baby Bear t-shirts for Father's Day. I LOVE these!

This little girl knows what's up.

Just take my money here & here. Unicorns for the win.

Have a wonderful weekend, xoxo Laurel

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Father's Day Cake & Free Printables!

Father's Day is this Sunday, June 19th and I am so excited to celebrate.  I always loved Nick (duh) but then seeing him grow into the Best Dad Ever, well that has made my love grow leaps and bounds. Nick is a fairly simple man when it comes to gifts- as in he rather not have any.  So, my goal on Father's Day is to fill him with his favorite foods. The man likes to eat.

And he L-O-V-E-S chocolate- Cold Stone Creamery's Tall, Dark and Delicious cake is flipping delicious and perfect for a Father's Day ice cream cake treat for the best Dad in your life.  Tall, Dark & Delicious has all the goodies- devil's food cake, brownies, oreos, fudge, chocolate ice cream all in ONE cake... holy moly.  The best part is you can reserve online- do not risk them running out in the store.  There was only ONE left when I picked up mine!

I designed 3 confetti cake toppers to add to your Tall, Dark and Delicious cake- Download Cake Toppers here!  Rad Dad, Best Dad Ever, & You're My Favorite (Don't Tell Mom)  Print out on card stock paper and cut in any shape you want!  I used washi tape and a skewer to top my cake!

Cold Stone Creamery also has FREE printable banners and cupcake toppers for Father's Day! You can check them out and download here.

Stickers on balloons is one of my favorite party hacks.  It takes seconds and you can get stickers in all colors, sizes and designs!  I usually like to do glittery letters, but since it was for Dad, I went a bit neutral ;)

Another fun hack for a party balloon is instead of using helium, tape them to your wall to keep them high in air.  Saves money and time!

For a simple embellishment, I added black washi tape to a plain plastic spoon.  Matched the decor perfectly and again, only took a minute to do.  Simple touches like this are easy to do and make any party more special.

I still had to add pink to the celebration- Nick is used to it.  Having two girls, ME as his wife and we even have two female dogs.  He is on the losing side of the pink battle and he does not seem to mind one bit.

Happy Father's Day everyone!

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Friday Link Love

Yeay it is FRI-YAY!! I have had a week of getting my a-s-s kicked so I would love a weekend to do nothing.  Haha, I have a couple big deadlines & that is pretty much not gonna happen but a girl can dream. So, lets all send good vibes/prayers to each other because despite awesome balloons and disco balls, its life and it isnt all balloons and disco balls.  (image via my instagram)

I L-O-V-E these crystal planters.

Holy crap- it is a copper solo cup.  But you can reuse it and it is copper, so its way better. Copper solo cup, I fill you up... lets have a party...

Orange you glad its the weekend?  Love these DIY punny farmer market bags!

These lights are so cute. (for the kids, of course...)

Spoke to me this week.

I think Almost Makes Perfect should send me one of these. (HINT HINT)

A Bubbly Life this week:  DIY Vintage Summer Tote Bag & How To Create a Crudite Platter

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How To Create a Crudite Platter for Summer Entertaining

One of my favorite appetizers to enjoy in the Summer (well, anytime really, but especially Summer) is a crudite platter.  Fresh, raw veggies is a light appetizer and perfect for the Summer when it is too hot to cook.  In Arizona we try to avoid turning on the oven in the Summer, because we live in an oven. The perfect pairing for crudite? Wine. Sequoia Grove Winery asked me to provide summer entertaining ideas using their wine and I knew exactly what I would make.

Best Tips for How to Make a Crudite Platter

Keep your veggies cold
.  I serve straight from the refrigerator on top of a bowl of ice.

Dips.  I like to use a black olive dip and tzatski.  Other options are ranch or another favorite salad dressing of yours for dipping.

Wine.  Serve with chilled white wine.  Sequioa Grove's Chardonnay is a delicious pairing.

To keep the white wine chilled, I made floral ice cubes.  Since I was not using the floral ice cubes in any drinks and just for looks, you can use any flower petal.  If you wish to use the floral ice cubes in drinks, be sure to check out that your flower is edible and use pesticide free!

A simple way to make floral ice cubes is using a mini muffin pan! I love the shape so much better than an ice cube tray!

Color!  We eat with our eyes first.  Pick colorful vegetables for your platter! Instead of white cauliflower, I used orange. Beets, radishes, and heirloom carrots are vibrant picks that taste delicious with the dips.  Step away from the typical orange carrots and celery crudite- add interesting veggies to your platter!

Quality.  We are pretty much relying on the veggie to provide the deliciousness and therefore, we want quality ingredients.  Try to use organic when possible and the freshest vegetables available. The lettuce and tomatoes in our crudite platter was plucked out of my garden!

While you are enjoying your appetizer, decant your red wine for dinner.  Or have it with the crudite.  If you have been on A Bubbly Life long enough, you know that I enjoy red wine with everything. Sequoia Grove's Cabernet Sauvignon is phenomenal.  Keep it for every dinner.  Im obsessed and this post is going to end up costing me a fortune because I am gonna buy a ton of it.

Visit Sequoia Grove on Facebook & Twitter & Instagram & in Napa Valley- in one of the last Sequoia sempervirens- in a 110 year old barn- with 18 acres of vines. All the heart eyes and glasses raised!

Post sponsored by Sequoia Grove Winery.  All opinions are my own and thank you for supporting sponsors that keep A Bubbly Life going!

DIY Vintage Style Summer Tote Bag

So... I was supposed to publish this summer tote bag while I was at the beach last week.  (See Instagram for some beach adventures) But, I went to the beach and forgot about the DIY, haha. So, yes, I am a slacker but hey I am sure a bunch of you live at the beach (you lucky people you) or are heading to the beach and need a bag that says Aloha, Beaches!!

Tote Bag
Vintage Iron on Letters (the only place I found them was Walmart!)
Dye (optional, depends on what color you want & color of letters) We know I wanted pink ;) ...

Dye your tote bag according to dye instructions and let dry.

Place your letters on, put a towel/sheet over to iron.

Head over to the beach and forget your responsibilities. (like I did ;) Trust me, it is a blast.
Happy Summer!

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Friday Link Love

I spent the past week in a mixture of NYC for a wedding and then Mexico with my little family and some amazing friends. It was a whirlwind, awesome week and I am exhausted and dreaming of pineapple drinks on the beach.  Pic via my Instagram and more vacay pics over there!

Cutest idea for cactus on your desk.

Unicorn tape dispenser. RAINBOW washi tape. Holy match made in heaven.

Pineapple air plant DIY- so cute.

Strawberry balloons.

Harry Potter play is opening soon and they finally released photos.  I have to fly to London. More pics here.

New emojis are coming! But, still no flamingo :(

Have a great weekend, xoxo

A Bubbly Life this week: A Color Pop Party & How to Make a Lavender Lemon Fizz Mocktail

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A Color Pop Party & How to Make a Lavender Lemon Fizz Mocktail

I love a color pop.  And I wanted this party to pop! pop! pop!  I partnered with IZZE® for a colorful Friendsday Night party and some mixology with their tasty sparkling juices.  Their sparkling juices are just the right amount of sweet and I added an herbal, citrus element to the drinks.

How to Make a Lavender Lemon Fizz Mocktail
IZZE® Sparkling Grapefruit or IZZE® Sparkling Apple Beverage
1/4 cup of Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
Dash of Lavender Syrup

Combine all ingredients and stir.  Garnish with a fresh lavender sprig and lemon slice.

Now that you have your drink ready, let's create a party with lots of color pops with some simple party hacks for your own Friendsday Night party!

A balloon backdrop is simple to do and creates a backdrop for your table.  One party hack is to use smaller balloons for these- I used 7 inch. Blow up balloons, tie each individually with fishing line and stick to your wall! Using a balloon pump makes it so much easier and you do not pass out- fainting at your own party is not fun and kills the mood.  (P.S. link is for Amazon so that you can see what it looks like, but you can get a balloon pump at the dollar store!)

 Punch balloons are huge- and cheaper than the large balloons from party stores. I like to blow up a couple and leave them on floor for impromptu photos and fun. Added bonus-your kiddos will love you after the party is done.

 I picked up these flamingo lights at the dollar store.  I removed the lights and filled with purple, pink & red gummy bears for a sweet candy party favor.

Visit IZZE® for more mocktails, cocktails  and food recipes.

Post sponsored by IZZE® through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write about IZZE®, all opinions are my own. 

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