Summer Lovin- My Summer Wishlist!

Aloha May!  And, aloha over 100 degree temps in Arizona.  Summer is here for me my friends and here are some of my wish list items for the Summer!

Watermelon phone case. Yes, please.

How cute is this cherry clutch?

BKR Heart Water bottle- So cute, and comes in a large size, which I need to stay hydrated all day.

Flamingo charger.  Cuz when you are by the pool, there are no outlets.  And we need to snap when by the pool.

Palm tree ring.  I love rings.

Pineapple float.

Mint Radio.

pink chill out bag from is advice I should listen to-  I am a grouchy pain in the a** with the heat.

Round Tassel Towel- I just bought this last week- LOVE it.

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