DIY Mother's Day Wine Labels

Let's give Mom what she really wants for Mother's Day- wine.  I also want to pee alone, be able to think for 5 minutes in peace and wear white without it being ruined in 5 seconds.

 I do want all those things but snuggles, smiles, laughter and having my girls is the absolute best thing in my life.  They are worth every sacrifice. But, I would like to pee alone and have wine.  Thank you much.

How To Make Your Own Wine Labels:
Sticker Paper or Regular paper
Free Printables: Best Mom Ever.  You're My Favorite.  You're A Cool Mom.
Your Mom's favorite wine

*If using regular paper you will need glue to stick it on wine 

Print, cut out and stick on!

My Mom wont get this Mean Girls quote, so maybe I will keep this one for me?

P.S. Just kidding Dad, you know you're my favorite ;)

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