DIY Citrus Ice Buckets

After I created my DIY sparkle ice bucket, I knew there would be more in my future.  It is such a simple DIY to do, but creates a huge impact for any party.  With Mother's Day on the horizon, these pretty citrus ice buckets would be perfect for a brunch.

Cup- One that would fit a wine bottle, champagne bottle or any bottle you want to keep chilled
Weight- I used a bottle of alcohol in this case to hold it down
Citrus- oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit (anything you want!) 
Citrus leaves (I live in AZ, so we have tons of citrus trees around)
Water- Distilled, purified water will be clearer

Fill a bucket with water and add citrus slices and leaves.  Add cup and your weight to keep the cup from floating.  Freeze overnight or at least 8 hours.  5 hours is not enough- I broke one :(

Paw Patrol Easter Baskets work awesome for this, any 99cent basket will do!

To remove, run warm water on outside of bucket until the ice starts to slide.  Gently remove and slide out.


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