DIY Agate Slice Hair Clips

I love these pretty agate slice gemstones.  I have used them in a couple DIYs- Agate Stone Magnets & Agate Christmas Ornaments!  Agate slices are such a beautiful material to work with- and it makes any DIY easier- they are so pretty, you do not need to do much at all!  

Agate Slices-  available here & here
Hair Clips
Glue  (I used e6000, any strong super glue should work)

Glue agate slice to barrette.

Wipe any excess glue off and let the hair clips dry.  No one wants their hair stuck in the glue- ouch!

And, put it in your hair!  I like to call it- I have a pretty colored clip in my hair, which totally takes away from the fact that I am a hot mess Mom.

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