DIY How To Make a Painted Plywood Headboard

This painted plywood headboard has been on my DIY list for awhile and I am so excited to finally share the headboard.  We are nearly complete with our remodel and we are getting to fun parts- like decorating the house! We always have had just a metal frame for our bed, honestly, I just did not care about having a headboard.  But Nick really wanted one. So, we compromised, I could DIY it and add a touch of pink.

 I call it a his/hers headboard.  Half painted in a blush pink and I sleep on the pink side and Nick sleeps on the unpainted wood half. (Or if we are honest here, Nick sleeps on the edge of the bed and I am like a sprawled out starfish... I love you bebe) 

I love it- I like a minimal, clean space, hence one of the reasons we never invested in big bedroom sets.  But, I also love pops of color and this is a perfect match.

How To Make a Plywood Headboard 

Materials: (our measurements are for a King-sized bed)
Painter's Tape
Sand Paper or Sander

Sand the wood to soften it, pay particular attention to the edges, they will need more sanding.  Wipe clean.

Place your painter's tape across the middle at an angle.

Paint.  I used two coats and immediately lift painter's tape after second coat is painted on.  Let dry.

Attach to bed (we used some 2X4's and bolts)

Shutterfly was kind enough to partner with me for the headboard-  they just released new bedroom designs!  You can design your own duvet cover, pillow cases, blankets etc.  They also have many pre-made ones to choose from- I designed a Sweet Dreams duvet cover and some coordinating candles and pillowcases- with some cute lip prints & eyelash winks ;)

I designed the duvet cover with Sweet Dreams- in hopes the kids will let us sleep.  It wont work, but it's a nice sentiment.

The candles smell like pink grapefruit. I heart them.


Our bedroom is not complete, we do not have any bedside tables or even a dresser, lol.  The bedside table you see here was a plant shelf and used to have a fern on it.  The fern is a goner, so I am borrowing it until we find more pieces to fit our bedroom.  Ideally, I would like to DIY a bedside table but I have not liked any of my sketches yet.  So, we will see!

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DIY Coconut Lavender Sugar Scrub

I often say that many of my DIYs are done out of necessity.  And I needed this BIG time. I live in Arizona and it is SO dry.  I have now lived here for about 3 years and while I have adjusted a little bit (the dryness was miserable that first year) my body still craves moisture like a mofo.   I love this simple sugar scrub- it makes my skin super soft and it smells So so so so so so so good.  (Coconut & lavender are my favorite scents) I particularly love lavender but you can use any essential oil for scent or leave it out- the coconut and sugar smells good on its' own!

1/2 cup Coconut Oil (Trader Joe's has an inexpensive organic coconut oil that I use for the sugar scrub)
1/2 cup Sugar
Lavender Essential Oil-  Couple drops (as much as you want for scent but a lot goes a long way)
Lavender pieces (optional, they are more for looks & I have a ton of lavender in my yard, so it is easy for me to add to my scrub ;)
Glass Jar with Lid (use plastic if using in shower)

*It is equal parts coconut oil and sugar, I used a 16 ounce jar and filled it about 1/2 way so I could easily scoop out in shower.  

Easiest directions ever- Mix all ingredients in a jar.  Also, even though I hoard glass jars from all our food, etc...  I couldn't find one that worked great to scoop out the sugar scrub easily. So, I had to purchase one, which was slightly embarrassing given my shelf of plain glass bottles.  Maybe time to fill up a bag for the thrift store...

I keep mine in the shower since that is easiest to rinse off after using.  It is the closest I will get to a spa.  The smell makes me slightly forget that I have a toddler and a 4 year old yelling in background or opening the curtain every 10 seconds to ask me a silly question.

My first "beauty" DIY on A Bubbly Life!  What did you think? Do you want more?  I still can rock the confetti in any shot- coconut flakes and lavender made some gorgeous confetti!

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Friday Link Love!

Easter is coming!  It is early this year, but I am prepared.  Easter baskets, eggs, and bunny paw prints are all bought and I cannot wait to turn the house into an Easter hunt for the girls!!

I adore these agate slices used as place cards.

This notebook.

The reason for the season.

Sprinkle balloons.

Ha HA HA. #truth

Need some ideas to freshen house up from Spring?  I gave a couple ideas over here!

A Bubbly Life this week: DIY Fruit Magnets & Strawberry Basil Mimosa Recipe

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Strawberry Basil Mimosa Cocktail Recipe

Mimosas. Brunch. Friends. Sundays. Awesome Days.  

I have your Easter brunch mimosa my friends- a strawberry basil mimosa to enjoy this holiday. Or any day. I am a fan of champagne anytime.  It is always appropriate, no judgment here.

Strawberry Juice (freshly made)
St. Germain
Club Soda
Basil Leaves

Blend fresh strawberries and a bit of water in blender.  If you like your drinks sweeter, add some agave, honey or simple syrup.  Muddle some basil leaves in glassPour 1 part champagne, 1 part strawberry juice,  1/2 shot of St Germain per glass, splash of club soda into glass.

Garnish with basil and a strawberry slice.

Happy Easter!!

Cheers! Need more cocktail ideas? Try these!

Berry Vodka Mojito & Coconut Lime Cherry Vodka & White Wine Spa Inspired Sangria & Citrus Tequila   & Spiked Apple Cider Cinnamon Roll

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DIY Fruit Magnets

The girls were recently sick for TWO weeks.  Needless to say, we (I) went a bit crazy stuck in the house.  As the girls got better but not well enough to play around outside, I pulled out all the crafty goodness I could think of to keep them entertained.  So, all you Spring Breakers out there with kids off of school, this project is perfect for you!

We all love to color, but instead of coloring books, we took it up a notch and made our own fruit magnets!  We used Mr. Sketch Scented Twitsable Crayons as they inspired the whole design with their fruity delicious smells.  Do NOT eat. You will want to, even if you are an adult and know better.  I may or may not know from experience.  They just smell SO good.

Mr. Sketch Scented Crayons

After you print out the fruit design (download here) get to coloring!

Cut out your magnets.  My girls do not color in lines yet, but that is no problem since you can cut around the template for the shape! (these are my magnets ;) 

P.S.  The magnet frame is a hit in the kid's playroom, you can get the DIY Magnet Frame Tutorial here!

*Post in collaboration with Mr. Sketch  Thank you for supporting sponsors that help make A Bubbly Life possible.  I only partner with brands I love and want to share!

Friday Link Love

The cutest memory card game ever! I uploaded photos of the girls from my Facebook account & made a personalized memory card game using Pinhole Press.  I love it so much that I am reluctant to let them play with it because I do not want it ruined!!

These DIY Easter eggs are my dream come true.

Make your own climbing wall for the kid's room! 

Tortillas made out of cauliflower- interesting!

The creative process.

A DIY bunny planter I would keep up year round.

Spring is coming and this bunch of purple flowers makes me want to dive right in!

A Bubbly Life this week-   DIY Thrifted Pineapple Planters  & I Have This Thing With Planters

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Disclaimer: Thank you to Pinhole Press for the memory card game set! I was provided the set & compensation.

I Have This Thing With Planters

I love plants, even if they dont love me back (I tend to kill a lot of them...) We have been planting like crazy around here and if you want to bring some of it inside, these DIY planters are the way to go!

DIY Concrete Gem Mini Planters- PROPER

DIY Marbled Air Plant Pots- A Bubbly Life

DIY Pretty Face Planters- Francois et Moi

DIY Mini Plant Pots- The Lovely Drawer for Sugar & Cloth

DIY Terrazzo Tile Inspired Planter- Enthralling Gumption

Need more planters in your life?
DIY Crush Planters
Disco Ball Succulent Planter
Elephant Succulent Planter
Pineapple Planters

DIY Thrifted Pineapple Planters

I like turning cheesy thrift store finds into planters.  I have an elephant succulent planter that is a fave of mine.  He is on his 5th or 6th or 7th succulent, but who's counting?

Kitschy pineapples are popular at the thrift store.  I picked one up over a year ago for a $1 and painted the pineapple and used it as decor.

From my Instagram, over a year ago
The pineapple sits on my plant shelf and I always thought it would make a cute planter instead of just a decor object collecting dust.  But, I wanted more than one and it only took one trip to thrift store and I picked up another one.

(I am curious to what the original intended use is? A container for ?? )

I spray painted a gloss white (I prefer a primer and paint mixed spray paint to avoid any extra steps)

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Friday Link Love!

To create, is to live twice.  Been in over my head lately and was unable to create as much as I wanted/needed.  I am only getting a half day this weekend to get some projects going and hope it is a great jump start!!

I saw this sandwich that made me want to eat my computer screen, but I don't really eat bread, so I have been eating my own salad version all week. And its awesome.

Copper & greenery wedding inspo or barbecue at my house inspo.

Round towels. Love.

I bought a natural deodorant after seeing it on Shark Tank and I LOVE IT.  I have tried so many and gave up because I still smelled.  Also this is not an ad, I am just obsessed since it is the first natural deodorant that has worked.  So, check Piper Wai out if natural is your thing!

Mud cloth Easter eggs.

Mini succulent planters using Easter eggs? So good.

A minimalist daybed.

Have a great weekend friends, I am out!

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Recipe White Chocolate St. Patty Day's Popcorn

Sharing another fun popcorn recipe over on Pottery Barn Teen-dont get pinched this year and give out some popcorn with green M&M's.  I also added edible gold sparkle for all you gold lovers!

Friday Link Love

And the weekend loves me back.

Feather shaped candles.  I'm in love.

I cant stop listening to this song.

Glitter & unicorns & wine. Hi all my favorite things.

Easter is so early this year- I need to get a move on it at home- if you need some inspiration check out my Easter Pinterest board!  I LOVE these lil bunny easter egg ideas from Clo by Clau.

Edible birthday candles. What!?

Hope you have a great weekend!! xoxo

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5 Backdrop Ideas For Blog & Instagram Photos

Photo backdrops can make or break a photo.  Maybe you need some added texture or depth to your photo object- a backdrop can do that!  Need some color to help make it pop?  Or a clean, non busy background to keep the eyes on the main event- a DIY?  These are 5 of my favorite backdrops to use- all but 1 are very inexpensive- less than $13! And, I even included a little DIY for you on how to make one!

Marble-  ($9) An easy DIY hack! Marble is very heavy (and expensive), so instead of buying a slab for photos- I have a foam board (99 cent store) covered in marble contact paper- a cheap, lightweight solution.  (also, you will have marble contact paper leftover to use in DIY projects ;)
Marble Cutting Boards- ($10-$200)  I love these!  On the blog, I use them mostly for my cocktail photos and not DIYs. On Instagram, I try to get shots of things I am prepping/cooking.  If you have wood ones and it fits your aesthetic- go with what you own!

These are not necessarily budget friendly, but I did get one at Home Goods for $10 so it is possible to find deals!  And the Cost Plus I have linked has a copper handle and is only $15! (I want that one!) 

While this is technically a photo prop, I consider marble boards the main background for most of my cocktail shoots.

Examples: Blog: Tequila Citrus Cocktail & Spiked Cinnamon Roll Apple Cider & White Spa Inspired Sangria  
Instagram: Home Goods Steal One  &  Cauliflower Soup Prep  & Turkey Brining Prep

Foam Boards/White IKEA AS-IS Backdrops ($.99- $8) White Foam boards are only 99 cents, but I get them flipping dirty so easily.  The majority of my white background shots are a piece of IKEA white cabinet found in the as-is section.  They have a ton of sizes and are in the $5-$8 range.  I prefer them to white foam since I can clean them easily.

Examples: Blog: DIY Conversation Heart Treat Bags & DIY Glitter Pills   Instagram:  Cranberry & Orange Prep & Flower Petals

Faux Sheepskin Rugs- ($12.99) I picked up mine from Ikea.  I use this in my office on the back of my chair, so it is decor as well!
Thrifted Fabrics/Tablecloths/Sheets ($1-$5)  

My go to is my whitish cream tablecloth.  I keep it wrinkly, it adds some texture.  And I hate ironing with a passion. Win-win.

Examples- Blog: Rose Diary Styling for Urban Outfitters & DIY Boho Tambourines  Instagram: Picking Styling Props  &  Setting The Table

Another thrifted favorite- Polka Dot Twin Sheet
Examples- Blog: Happy Birthday in a Box & DIY Party in a Box & DIY Skull Cake Plate

I have more backdrops but this is a beast of a post- so take it in, buy some marble contact paper and make a backdrop and a part two will be coming ;) 

I hope this encourages you to start your journey as a blogger or get some new ideas if you are already blogging!  All these ideas are affordable and easy to obtain!!

Please let me know if you have anything else you might want to see in The Creative Entrepreneur Series!

The Creative Entrepreneur Series:  Intro- My Business Background 
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