How to Make Heart Sugar Cubes

So, now that January is over, instead of a green juice smoothie recipe, I am back with a cocktail recipe! I added a twist- a little DIY for your champagne!

We are going to make sugar cubes- whew hoo!!  Making your own sugar cubes is ridiculously easy and when you soak the sugar cubes in some angostura bitters in a heart mold- You have a romantic, sweet champagne cocktail.  And, we all know I love the bubbly! (and pink, and hearts ;)

How To Make Sugar Cubes

1/2 cup of Superfine Sugar
2 teaspoons Angostura Bitters
Food Dye (optional) 

(If you want a non-alcoholic version, use a water instead of the angostura bitters, but you will need food dye to color them) 

Mix sugar and bitters together.  They were not quite pink enough for me, so I added a couple drops of food dye to make them more pink.

Add sugar to the heart silicone mold and pack it in tightly.

Let the sugar cubes harden for a few hours or overnight.  Pop out and pop open some champagne bottles!  (P.S. it is not messy, I just threw pink sugar everywhere for the photo!)

For the perfect Valentine or Galentine gift, drop a couple heart shaped sugar cubes into a clear bag, tape to a champagne bottle and bam! simple, cute and thoughtful gift!

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