DIY Valentine Free Printable Flower Bouquets

Oh, Valentine's Day and/or Galentine's Day, how I love thee.  I ignore the whole manufactured holiday blahblah complaints from the Valentine grinches .  A holiday about love, flowers and hearts? I am all over that.  And, Galentine's Day was pretty much invented by Leslie Knope and Parks and Rec is the best show ever.   

Anyhow, I could go on about Parks & Rec forever... so I better stop while I am ahead.  This Valentine's or Galentine's when you give your flowers to your best girl or guy-  Print this out and wrap your flowers in it- it takes 2 minutes to do and makes you look like an even more thoughtful person than you already are for getting someone flowers.  You're welcome.

Free Printables- Kisses, Hearts & XOXO
Cardstock Paper & Printer
Double Sided Tape
Floral Tape (optional) 

Shape the Valentine paper into a cone and tape along edges to keep together!

Trim your flowers as needed and join together with floral tape.  You can use any tape or no tape at all to keep the flowers together, the cone shape will gather the flowers as well.

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