DIY Painted Laundry Basket

 I do laundry pretty much everyday. (kids, although tiny, amass TONS of laundry)  My laundry basket had taken a beating and I needed a new one and picked up a plain one.

Plain objects do not stay plain long in my household and with a quick paint job, I had a new painted laundry basket to brighten up my closet.  If 90% of my life now is spent doing laundry, it should be pretty?  IDK, it is the little things that keep me going, folks.

Laundry Basket - I used a plain white one from H&M home
Fabric Paint- I used Neon Pink

Decide on your pattern and paint!  I keep pattern & color ideas on Pinterest and refer to it if I need an idea.  I did a triangle based on a clutch I had saved from an Etsy shop and added the curves just because.

Stamping would have been faster, but I was super stressed and painting for awhile is exactly what I needed.  For a stamp method, you can check out my stamped pineapple scarf for the how to.

I may pick up a couple more, I have some fun ideas for the kids!

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