DIY Marbleized Air Plant Pots

This DIY post was planned for tomorrow- March 1st- as an introduction to the month that brings Spring!  But, I couldn't wait! I mean Feb 29th only comes every 4 years, so it doesn't totally count as a day (except to the ones born on it, sorry peeps!)  Let's make this extra day in our life count and bring Spring in early!!

This is not my first marbleizing with nail polish project, I got hooked on the technique back in August when I first marbled makeup brushes.  Then I marbled pumpkins. Then I marbled feathers.  And, now for Spring we have air plant pots!

Bell Cups
Air Plants
Nail polish
Bowl (I now have one reserved for marbling-  you can see all the crazy colors in it!)
Warm Water

* Bell cups are thin and fragile.  They will break if they get too wet.  The quick submerge for the nail polish is totally fine BUT not a plant that requires soil and water.  I learned the hard way and now have a ton of succulents that need a new home! Be on the lookout for some kind of other planter DIY due to my crafty fail!  ;)  

Add nail polish to water and stir with skewer.

Place bell cup in water and turn to get nail polish all over cup.  This is done in seconds, the nail polish adheres immediately.  Let dry.

Stick your air plants in and enjoy!

A Pantone color of the year vibe-

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Friday Link Love

Love this tropical pink print, you can also get whatever quote you want on it... I want! I also am digging the pineapple photo props, I wonder what they are?

Make your own Matisse inspired art prints.  Incredible.

Everything is awesome.  I need this printable, my girls run around and sing like lunatics to the song from the Lego Movie.  Which, I am sure not what the print is inspired from, but I live in kid land and therefore that is what I think of...

Ahh, home.

Obsessed with this over-sized hair clip.  I would like chic and not like a hot mess Mom, maybe?

Spring is a-coming and I love these scalloped planters!

I laughed a little too hard on this one.

Speaking of hot mess Mom, have you seen this video?

I am over on Best Friends For Frosting today with an interview on turning my creativity to a career!

Happy weekend!!

A Bubbly Life this week- DIY Painted Laundry Basket & Party Hack- Glittered Cake Toppers

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Party Hack- Glittered Cake Toppers!

4 years ago on February 21st I published my first blog post on A Bubbly Life!!    Thank you so much for following along the adventure and DIYs!

So, I made a cake with some quick party hacks for a cake topper.  Lollipops are the easiest cake toppers- they come with a stick in them already!  These heart lollipops are from the 99cent store and I dipped them in glue then glitter.
P.S. Do NOT eat.

Glitter + Flamingo Drink Stirrer and Glitter + Number Candle  (all from 99 cent store) more rocking cake toppers.

Also, please do not eat the cake toppers.  Eat the cake only.

Over-sized flamingo (well, for a cake, she is pretty small) I scored at the thrift store.  And when else can I put a flamingo in a cake and not be called crazy besides my blog birthday?

And here is to many more years sharing my creative, sparkly whims with all of you.

Also, if you are looking for a positive, insightful, looking back at 4 years post... I am sorry! Two little girls sick and I am behind deadlines, budget, and every other thing there is.  Cuz that is real life.  Not some picture perfect b.s.  But, for a few minutes here and there, between snuggles needed from my sick girls, medicine, doctor visits, I got to play with flamingos, hearts and glitter and cake and my job is awesome- as a blogger and as a Mom.  Be true to yourself.  Be a flamingo.  So, I lied, there's some blogging advice for ya!

Thank you for reading!

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DIY Painted Laundry Basket

 I do laundry pretty much everyday. (kids, although tiny, amass TONS of laundry)  My laundry basket had taken a beating and I needed a new one and picked up a plain one.

Plain objects do not stay plain long in my household and with a quick paint job, I had a new painted laundry basket to brighten up my closet.  If 90% of my life now is spent doing laundry, it should be pretty?  IDK, it is the little things that keep me going, folks.

Laundry Basket - I used a plain white one from H&M home
Fabric Paint- I used Neon Pink

Decide on your pattern and paint!  I keep pattern & color ideas on Pinterest and refer to it if I need an idea.  I did a triangle based on a clutch I had saved from an Etsy shop and added the curves just because.

Stamping would have been faster, but I was super stressed and painting for awhile is exactly what I needed.  For a stamp method, you can check out my stamped pineapple scarf for the how to.

I may pick up a couple more, I have some fun ideas for the kids!

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Friday Link Love

Love balloon. in script. in rose gold.  Holy crap I love them & they are reusable. Can I keep them up year round or would that be weird?

Carrie from Dream Green DIY found a mid century chair at a thrift store and the color makeover she gave it is all the heart eyes.

Looking to start cooking or to amp up your skills? 94 Tips for Beginner Cooks from 103 Food Bloggers (including myself, while not a food blogger per say, cooking is a passion of mine!)

Fruit infused sugar. Who knew sugar could be even better!? (and pretty)

 a diy wooden bunny clock, it is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

What I wish for all you this weekend.

A Bubbly Life this week- DIY Wooden Shoe Rack  &  Before & After Thrifted Shelf Makeover

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Before & After- Thrifted Shelf Makeover

I am an avid thrifter.  While I love West Elm & other stores to get goodies from, I love the hunt at a thrift store and the unique pieces I can find there.   I used to write way more about my thrifty finds and I am bringing it back!  Since the thrift store find posts are not always a DIY tutorial I got rid of it, but you can thank my husband for the return of sharing my thrifty goodness.

Nick often looks in complete distaste when I bring things home from the thrift store.  Over time, he learned that I will make it over and he will end up liking/loving what I did.  But, he has told me time and time again, that he just cannot look at a piece and see beyond it's ugliness/need of repair, etc...  In fact, I left this shelf in his car and when he pulled it out, his response/expression was wtf. Haha, so clearly, he still dos not trust my makeover abilities ;)

So, if I share more of my ideas, hopefully anyone can see how you can transform a thrifted piece into something you would enjoy for your home!  

Thrifted item: Rolling Shelf- $5.00 Supplies: Painter's Tape & Spray Paint in Gloss White & Gloss Ocean Mist (I linked to Amazon so you can see color, it is much cheaper at your home improvement store)

The shelf before- 

Reasons I picked it up to redo:
$5 is an insanely good deal.
I loved the lines and thought it had a midcentury vibe that I like.
It could easily be taken apart to make spray painting easy.

After cleaning it (thrift store finds can be quite grimy), I taped off the wheels as I did not want to be spray painted.  I unscrewed the shelf and spray painted the shelf in white and the frame in mint green.

So, now what to do with the shelf?  Plant or record player holder?

I clearly need more records, but since I have Taylor Swift 1989, I consider my record collection awesome already.

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DIY Wooden Shoe Rack

One of the things I have learned since having children is their sh&*@&t is everywhere.  Toys, clothes, shoes, underwear,  cups, forks, diapers- it is everywhere. The only time it is NOT anywhere, is when you have to be somewhere and you need shoes, underwear, a shirt, etc... Then, it is is nowhere to be found.

One of our biggest problems is shoes.  My husband got annoyed one day and threw them all in a basket.  Which was better than the floor, but was a terrible idea because of course every shoe they want to wear is at the bottom of the basket.

So, that was a very long story to tell you I needed a shoe rack.  But, it is a shoe rack that will be in view and display, not hidden in a closet or somewhere unseen.  And I could not find a shoe rack I thought looked good enough, so I made one.   Which is one of the many reasons I love to DIY.

How To Make A Wooden Shoe Rack

Sizes Needed- 2-  3 feet by 11 inches
2- 1 foot by 11 inches
 (You can cut yourself or Home Depot will charge .50 cents a cut, or you can go on Superbowl Sunday and no one is there and they do it for free cuz they are so bored)

Table Legs- I used this style from Lowe's
4- 3 prong T Nut (the size will have to match the size your table leg is)*
Nail Gun (new fav tool for my wood projects!)
Glue (liquid nails, e6000, whatever your preferred super glue is)

*I went the T-Nut way to attach the table legs because it was very inexpensive to do so, however, it was not as sturdy as I would like and I added glue to the T nut to better attach to the wood.  The glue fixed the problem.  But, if I was to make a bigger shelf  for something heavy, I would use plates to install the table legs instead.

I spray painted the bottoms gold. Because gold.

How to Install The Table Legs:

Measure and mark off where you want the legs. Drill four holes into the wood.

Surround T nut in glue and put in the wood. Hammer the T nut in.

Screw the table leg into the T nut.

Nail the four wood pieces as shown below:  (repeat on each side to form the rectangle)  

And you have a new shoe rack with a little midcentury modern flair!

And, because I like to keep it real around here, here is a not styled shot of how we use it:

3 things to notice here:
1) Colette turned 2 last month and I have not erased the message.
2) On the bottom shelf are THREE mismatched flip flops of Kalia's.  Flip flops in AZ are like socks you put in the dryer. What in the world happens to them!?
3) There are none of my beautiful shoes on the rack.  Because I am lucky if I wear a heel or wedge once a month since having the girls.  (love them though, I just really love & miss shoes too ;)

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Adobe Photoshop Elements Tutorial- Adding A Color Pop to Videos & Photos!

One of the new features in Premiere Elements 14 is adding a pop of color to videos for a specialized look.  Using this new guided edit is SO easy.  I primarily edit photos and use Photoshop Elements 14, but I rarely edit videos- and I did this on my first try!!  So, if I can do it, anyone can!

The original video:


Since it is February and the month of LOVE ;) I thought editing this video to use the new color pop effect would be perfect!

I opened the video in Premiere Elements.  Click on the Guided Tab and selections will come up- choose the color pop!

Guided edits gives you the step by step to get your color pop.  Click on Effects in Toolbar- The yellow arrow even bounces up and down for you in case you do not see where to go!

It then tells you to choose Hollywood Noir from effects and drag onto video, this turns the video black and white!

Now we can make the color pop! I dragged the red hue to 100% and left everything else zero.  Since it is a Valentine's Day message, I wanted the pinks emphasized.

And, now you are done!


Now that we created a color pop in a video using Premiere Elements 14, let's try an individual photo- using Photoshop Elements 14.  Last month, I went over Guided Edits to show the new speed effect in Photoshop Elements 14.  Another guided edit they offer is a Color Pop!  The guided edit for color pop will show us all the steps to make a unique Valentine card.

Here is the photo before I added the color pop effect:

Choose Color Pop from the Guided Edits and choose red (or whatever color you may like) and you can refine and subtract the effect easily. For instance I had to subtract the effect from her arms, as they became bright red.

And, then you are done and can give your Valentine a sweet card with a quick print out!

Good news, we have one final giveaway of Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 before we say goodbye!

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