DIY Eucalyptus Heart Wreath

I am very lucky.  We have numerous eucalyptus trees in our backyard.  Which means I fill our house with the clippings all the time, I love the greenery.  For Valentine's Day I wanted a simple wreath and added some mini roses to the mix.  The flowers wont last long without water, but the eucalyptus will last a couple days.  Perfect for a party or dinner or a Monday.  I like being surrounded by nature's beauty everyday! 

Eucalyptus Trimmings
Desired Flowers
Heart Wire Wreath
Floral Tape

Build your eucalyptus background first, I started on the floor:

I interlaced the eucalyptus around the wreath and used tape in some areas to hold it down.

It was a bit easier to do it on the wall, so I switched to that after a bit:

I also think the plain eucalyptus looks beautiful, so you can stop right here if you want!

I chose to add mini roses.  I really wanted wildflowers but I could not source them.

Happy early Valentine's Day!

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