Friday Link Love

I am loving this print.

Seriously, these shoes.  Dolce & Gabbana, therefore, probably not happening unless I find gold in my yard. Damn fashion show wrap ups, why do I read!!!

Lol, I am TERRIBLE at math and so I love this.

I am Fallon For You. Best Valentine Card ever.

Sprinkle letters. So cute.

I already own 3 pairs of heart sunglasses and I need to add these to the collection.

A rose gold chair. Gorgeous.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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2016 Reader Survey Results

Thank you so much to everyone who took time to answer the survey!  You guys are awesome! 

45% of survey respondents have been reading ABL under a year! And you took the survey- You are awesome.  I am so glad you want to help improve the blog!!
And, 18% of you have been here since the beginning (thanks to my immediate family ;)

Your favorite & want you want MORE of:
1) DIY
I share DIY 1-2 times a week, and until the girls go to school, I am not sure I can do more! I want to! You should see my DIY idea list, it is longggggg...  But, I am going to make a concerted effort for 2 a week.

You want more:
2) Home Tour- Good news! We finished our house remodel and I will be sharing a lot more of my home this year- not just that one corner that gets fab lighting.

3) The Creative Entrepreneur (Biz of Blogging posts) & Party Crafts & Recipe/Cocktails were pretty much tied.  Although, probably a slightly confusing question since Party crafts may fall under DIY as well.  My bad.

Least Favorite Posts:
Product Roundups- I only do a handful of these a year, so I will stick to that or lose them all together.

Have you done a DIY/recipe from A Bubbly Life?

Whew hoo!!! My favorite answer!  42% of you have done a DIY/recipe from A Bubbly Life.  My goal on ABL is to make DIYs I think anyone can do- with little no-how, not so special tools and little time on their hands. Basically, me.  I do not know what I am doing (although I have learned a lot in 4 years), I have 2 little girls who run the show and I like to make things.  The easiest way possible. Glue is my bestie.
Also 42% was huge to me, I would have been happy with 5 people doing a DIY.

Questions for me:

How would you define creativity?

Woah.  I was expecting what my fav food was.  I loveeee this question so much that I am going to dedicate a whole post to it soon.  (Haha, be careful what you wish for, am I right?) 

What blogs do you like to read?

I am more a Pinterest/Craftgawker reader of blogs, picking up things that strike my interest.  I find if I read the same blogs consistently, it screws up my creativity. Creativity requires a hefty amount of fearlessness and reading blogs can inhibit that for me (and I emphasize for me, I am sure it doesn't mess with a lot of people).  Ones that I consistently find I pin are- The Merrythought and Sugar & Charm.

What's your favorite post?

I love when I have shared my business experience in the series The Creative Entrepreneur.  My favorite DIY post changes up year to year, but my current favorite DIY is my copper edged mirror- it was just so easy to do and I really love it.  I have it hanging in my living room and sometimes I look at it and I am like, I cannot believe I made that. Ha.  Which sounds like I am bragging, but it just was one of those projects that came out better than I envisioned.   Other things I love- copper pipe ipad holder and wine holder- used daily.  So, I guess I love more of the home, useful DIYs?

For these next two questions, my post on working at home as a Mom is more thorough!

Is blogging your full time job?

Yes and no.  I am first a Mom to my 2 girls who are both home with me, which means I have to ditch the blog sometimes to take care of them etc.  I blog full time in the standard sense- as I work at least 40 hours a week on it and my freelance work.  However, the blog requires more like 80plus hours a week to be a "huge" success and I cannot dedicate that time right now.

How do you blog and stay at home with the kids?  (I got this question a lot)
The post I link to above has actionable pieces on how I juggle being a Mom & the blog. But, in a sorta long nutshell (haha), I try my best and I struggle and I succeed and I fail and I jump up & down at opportunities I never thought I would get and I cry, freak out and stress.  I have a supportive husband.  It is not easy.  But, I l do not want to give up my time at home with girls.  I also am in the wonderful position to love the work that I do.  So, I make it work because I am not a complete person unless I am creating.

Thank you for reading and here is to a great 2016!!

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Party Hack- Disco Ball Balloon Weights

Sometimes, I have party/DIY ideas that I feel do not require a full post and therefore it does not make the blog. I am coming up on my 4 year blogging anniversary (stay with me, I only digress a little bit) And, I am reminiscing over those days.  When I first started blogging, I used to take photos and post them so I could learn how to take better photos.  Example- my 9th blog post ever- Spring Forward- and I took photos of flowers... 

Here is the 2016 version of A Bubbly Life, some fun photos with a mini party hack. 

Disco balls used as balloon weights.  I post these because I get comments from every party where I use them.  Are you using the cheesy balloon weights that come with balloons?  Get rid of them and rock some disco balls or maybe even a flamingo that you thrifted and spray painted gold.  Whatever your awesome heart desires.  Rock that shiznit.  It even holds those huge 36 inch balloons that you see at every party nowadays.

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Photoshop Elements- The Guided Edits!

A new month and a new tutorial for Adobe Photoshop Elements 14!  I use Photoshop Elements everyday to edit photos for A Bubbly Life.  But, what if you are new to editing? Or want to add a cool effect to your photo with no effort? Guided Edits are awesome.

Photoshop Elements 14 makes it much easier to do Guided Edits with a more organized toolbar on top for all the different type of edits you may want:

I am under Fun Edits and if you notice the Speed Effect is a new one in Elements 14! (I also happen to love Pop Art- using the guided edit is much easier to make cool pop art then the numerous steps you would have to take using standard edits. )

My husband and my daughter, Kalia are shown here:

Pretty impressive throw, huh? haha!  So, I used the speed effect to make it look even cooler.

Choose the quick selection tool, do not worry if you add too much, you can refine it later.

You can change the angle and increase, decrease the effect:

Add focus area to remove and add where you want the speed effect.

And now, we can see how she flew into air!

See you next month for another Photoshop Elements tutorial!  Let me know if there is anything you would love to learn!

I am Adobe Photoshop Elements ambassador and have been compensated for this post.

Friday Link Love!

I styled some photos for Urban Outfitters blog recently, check out the full post!  The subject was rose products- and flowers are my favorite prop, so it was the perfect assignment!

Pucker up!

Pink & marble <3

I can't believe this is a DIY, gorgeous!

I think if I wear this tank, my FitBit will be on fire!!

Obsessed with this mani.

Speaking of Urban Outfitters these pink record players are killing me. I need at least one (Although I will take both...)

I shared an Emoji Corkboard DIY over on Pottery Barn Teen's blog! So cute!

A Bubbly Life this week:  DIY Disco Ball Flower Vase  & DIY Eucalyptus Heart Wreath

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DIY Eucalyptus Heart Wreath

I am very lucky.  We have numerous eucalyptus trees in our backyard.  Which means I fill our house with the clippings all the time, I love the greenery.  For Valentine's Day I wanted a simple wreath and added some mini roses to the mix.  The flowers wont last long without water, but the eucalyptus will last a couple days.  Perfect for a party or dinner or a Monday.  I like being surrounded by nature's beauty everyday! 

Eucalyptus Trimmings
Desired Flowers
Heart Wire Wreath
Floral Tape

Build your eucalyptus background first, I started on the floor:

I interlaced the eucalyptus around the wreath and used tape in some areas to hold it down.

It was a bit easier to do it on the wall, so I switched to that after a bit:

I also think the plain eucalyptus looks beautiful, so you can stop right here if you want!

I chose to add mini roses.  I really wanted wildflowers but I could not source them.

Happy early Valentine's Day!

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DIY Disco Ball Vase

So, I am going to be honest, after Christmas I told my husband- I am kinda over the whole disco ball DIY thing. I loved it.  I had a great time.  We were a sparkly match but I need a break. Ross & Rachel had one, why cant I? My husband, looking over at my wall of disco balls in my office, says- mmm hmmm... in that sarcastic, I don't believe you in any way voice.

And, now its' near Valentine's Day and I have love, flowers, pink and all that on my mind and I am like, wait! I have never done a freaking vase with a disco ball!?  What is wrong with me?

So, while I love this DIY, my husband can now gloat how he was right and I am torn in my feelings about the DIY.  Marriage is so fun you guys.


Disco Ball
Craft Knife
Bowl/Glass Container

Cut top off disco ball and cut a little off bottom so it can sit still on a table.
Remove styrofoam from middle using a knife so you can fit a glass "vase" in there. (I used a bowl)

Add flowers.

You cant see the disco ball here, I just loved the shot ;)

Nick may have been right about this disco ball vase,  but maybe now its' disco ball DIY retirement? Never say never?

For other disco ball DIY ideas:
Disco Ball Succulent Planter 
Disco Ball Photo Holders
Disco Ball Jack O Lantern  
Disco Ball Wreath 
Disco Ball Snowman 
Disco Ball Mini Wreath/Place Card

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Friday Link Love!

In the running for some final art pieces I want to buy for the home.

Please take a moment for my reader survey!  5 questions, prob 2 minutes of your time to improve A Bubbly Life! Also, I love reading your responses so far, so many of you actually do the DIYs! You make a girl pretty darn happy!  By girl, I mean middle aged mother of two, but whateves.

Spike this DIY punch bowl.

I would definitely drink more water using this.

Way too gorgeous to eat.

The Bannerie is offering an Instagram class YOU GOT THIS! filled with tips & strategies to grow your Insta!  Registration ends today, hurry!!

Have you seen this month's Nordstrom pop up!? I am obsessed with so many things!  I will take these delicate gold scissors, pink wine glass, wooden tape dispenser, and basically I shouldn't go to Nordstrom this month unless I want to spend a lot of money.  Heart eyes on it all.

My Valentine's Day Pinterest board is back up and running! I share my first Valentine DIY next week!

A Bubbly Life this week:
Green Smoothie Recipe (get rid of those Xmas lbs!)
DIY Wooden Clothing Rack

Thank you for reading & have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

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DIY Wooden Clothing Rack in 10, Yes, 10 Minutes

I am working like crazy on making a functional play room for the girl's to enjoy and imagine and play and to keep their flipping toys in one flipping space instead of all over the flipping house. (I am not bitter ;) 

They absolutely love dress up and have about every princess dress, doctor, vet, pirate costume you could think of (I love indulging dress up, their imaginations just go crazy).  It was stored in a huge box, but all the girls did was rip thru the box looking for their desired accessory and leave a mess.  Also, I think when the toys are out for them to look out, they play with them more?

The wooden clothing rack is mini-size.  I chose the wooden dowel sizes so my 4 year old can reach the dresses on her own and re-hang them when she is done (we are working on that part) I fell in love with this rack though and want to make a real sized person one!  The best part about this is they come in these sizes- NO cutting involved.

How to Make a Clothing Rack!

We got all our wood at Home Depot, I am sure any home improvement store will have the sizes.

4- 48 inch (4 feet) 1.5 inch width wooden dowels   (the photo shows 6 but we ended up changing our mind & not using the other) 
1- 48 inch (4 feet) 1 inch width wooden dowels

Nail gun (not shown)
Another person other than yourself (not shown)

This is the totally easy, TEN MINUTE way to make a dress up clothing rack.  Seriously, anyone can do this as long as you have a nail gun and a friend.
I don't even have real instructions, go nuts with your nail gun and put together. (Just Kidding, kind of...)

Here's how it looks without any props (with the exception of my pink fringe garland from Tomkat Studio).  I heart this garland. Anyhoo, my husband simply just put a crapload of nails in it... (I am a technical DIY-er if anything)  (I was the one holding the wood in place) 

Make a criss-cross shape with the wider dowels.  Two on each side.   Nail the criss cross parts together.  (also, we used multiple nails for each section, until it felt sturdy) To decide where we wanted to nail the sides, we put the skinnier dowel in and left 3 inches on top, to get this look: (I held all it together while Nick nailed it)

Then nail the skinny dowel to the criss cross shape:

Once both sides are up, you can nail the bottom piece (where we hold shoes) Technically, you no longer need the other person to hold the rack.  The other person (me in this instance) can go grab an iced tea. (based on real life events)

If you remember from the diy material photo, we bought another wooden dowel, we wanted to add support in the back or on the sides.  However, the rack was surprisingly sturdy as is, and since it was only holding the girl's lightweight costumes, we decided to leave it at that.  We also would have had to make cuts in the dowel to create the extra support. We may or may not have wanted to finish watching Pitch Perfect 2 at the time...  (it was awesome)

I hate crocs.  Until I met this pair. Hi, beautiful.

So, I love it as-is.  But, the girl's playroom will be colorful.  Kalia picked out 4 pastel colors and when we do a full reveal, this rack will probably have some added color dips to it.  

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Reader Survey Time!

Aloha readers!!

It is party time or survey time, whatever you want to call it...

The survey is only 5 questions and mostly multiple choice, so it will not take all that long and I will use all the feedback to make ABL more awesome for you guys!!

I would love if you would let me know what you enjoyed most (and hated) at A Bubbly Life and if you have any questions/comments or anything you wish to tell me!  Whether you have been reading for 2 weeks or been around for a couple years- I would love to know!!

Thank you so much in advance for helping me make ABL a place for all you to enjoy!!  If, for some reason the embedded survey does not work for you, you can also go to this link!  

Create your own user feedback survey

Recipe- Green Smoothie!

Since it is January and we are all about goals, health and resolutions, instead of a cocktail this month, I wanted to share my go-to belly buster green smoothie.  I eat these frequently in my normal diet but after the holidays I eat one green smoothie everyday as a replacement for lunch to get rid of the excess bulge from holiday goodies.

(Also, I am not an expert in health or diets.  I am your average health nut, with the exception of my love of red wine of course ;)

1.5 cups of Kale (I prefer baby kale- it has a milder flavor than dark green tuscan kale, if you are using dark green kale, you may want to cut down amount of kale or add more apple as the kale taste will be very strong)
1/4 cup of fresh Parsley
1 small Cucumber
1 large (or 2 mini) Celery Stalks
3 Apple Slices
Juice of 1/2 Lemon
1 cup of Water/Crushed Ice Mixture
Sprinkle of Cayenne Pepper

Add all ingredients to blender and blend!

This smoothie is pretty much ALL vegetables.  You may want to add more apple to add more sweetness to the smoothie.  I use pineapple sometimes to switch up the sweetness. My husband hates these (lol) and if he wants one (cuz he feels like having a glass of veggies here and there) I add more apple for him.  I typically eat mine with no apples, once you eat green smoothies everyday, I find you do not need the sweetness anymore! I also may be a freak of nature as I am not a sweets person.

Also, I am not kidding, you will begin to craveee these like crazy once you are on Day 3 or 4.  I love them!

Cheers!  I will be back with a cocktail come February! (Or maybe sooner... ;)

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