DIY Glitter Confetti Coasters

Welcome to the last post of 2016!  A sparkly nod to New Year's Eve!  Of course, these coasters are perfect year round, but they will make your New Year's celebrations complete!  They are so easy to make but you need them to dry overnight, so keep in mind for your parties!!

Coasters- you will need coasters that you can fill like this, I see them all the time & now I cannot find a link! (I picked mine up thrifting)
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic

Fill the coasters with glitter and confetti.

Pour in mod podge.  If you get any bubbles poke them with a toothpick.

Let dry overnight.  Mod Podge dimensional magic says 3 hours, but I think because the coasters are big, it takes much longer.

Happy New Year's and Have a safe and wonderful holiday!  I will see you back in January and be sure to follow me along on Instagram, I never stop over there ;)

Thank you for a wonderful 2016 at A Bubbly Life!

DIY Holiday Poster Print Decorating!

* Thank you to Mixbook for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

I love decorating for Christmas.  I even start decorating in November, before Thanksgiving... #dontjudgeme...

We have a very large plain wall in our living room and  I am purchasing art to fill the space, but I am very picky and it is taking a long time.  The huge blank space kept staring back at me as the rest of the house was in colorful Christmas merry mode.  I wanted an inexpensive solution, as the Christmas decor would be temporary and Mixbook solved the dilemma! I created some posters in one of my favorite fonts to decorate the wall.  The posters are phenomenal quality, I went with the glossy print and I love it.  I am never, ever printing a printable using my printer again.  I am hooked.

Mixbook offers framing for your posters as well.  Since I wanted an inexpensive decor piece that I can easily store (roll up) and pull out for Christmastime next year, I decided to forgo the frame.  To add a simple touch of sparkle, I taped tinsel around each poster for a frame.  The three poster prints look so good together on the wall.  My husband came home and said "Wow" He usually does not care much for these type of things, so it was a huge happy moment for me!

Mixbook is offering readers 50% off poster prints with the code BUBBLY! 50% OFF- that means these posters would be $4, time to stock up on some family photos, printables and get those photos off your phone!  

* Post sponsored by Mixbook, thank you for supporting sponsors that keep A Bubbly Life going!!

Peace on Earth Free Art Printable

Hey all,  it is Fri-dayyyyyy!! I have a few more posts coming your way next week before closing up shop for the holidays.  Instead of a gift guide this week, I am sharing a simple printable.

This year has been pretty crazy.  I am in the holiday season for the first time without my Mom.  I knew it would be difficult, but it is about a million times harder than I thought it would be.  Some days, it almost feels like those first few horrible weeks of life without her, when I thought there was no way this was real life and my Mom would answer her phone at any moment and my nightmare would be over. 

Christmas is just filled with so much. Its my childhood.  Its so many memories.  I'm so thankful for 2 little girls who need me to make Christmas special because they keep me going. I'm so thankful my Mom & Dad made the holidays so wonderful for all of us.  I know the reason I grieve so hard now is because they made everything so wonderful during the holidays all my life and omg- when I had the girls- crazy, adoring Grandparents and I mean a bit crazy. Seriously, I am talking stockings larger than my 5 year old. 

Anyhow, beyond my personal grief, I know there is this huge world out there in so much turmoil, with millions of stories of loss, grief and heartache.  Haha, Im so cheerful right now, eh?  But, I ultimately believe in the good of all people and believe small acts of kindness can cause change. Even change in one person's heart makes a difference.

If you know someone who is grieving this holiday season, let them know you are thinking of them, give them a hug, tell a story about the person they miss, share a cup of coffee, clean their house, watch the kids for a weekend... Maybe I went a little too far, but you get the gist of it. 

Much love & peace to all of YOU and Thank you for reading & following along, xoxo

Download free printable here and be on the lookout next week for a sparkly way to update a holiday print!

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DIY Paint Splatter Gift Wrap

 Oh my goodness, I loved, loved doing this.  It is my first paint splatter DIY and I am HOOKED.  It was so easy and really fun.  It is ridiculously fun to basically throw paint everywhere.  This gift wrap is not just for Christmas, but since it is Christmas-time and we need a way to wrap gifts- let's make it pretty and easy and fun.

Solid Colored Gift Wrap- picked up mine at the 99 cent store!
Paint Brush

Put your paint in a bowl and add a little bit of water to thin out the paint.  Do not add too much water, just enough to make the consistency a little bit runnier so that it will splatter easily.

And dip your brush in the paint and "flick" it in air above paper.  Repeat until paper is covered.  There is no real method, just wave the paint brush around on top and watch as paint splatters.

Look at your pretty paper and wrap!

Unfortunately the pink splatter on the white doesn't show in photo well but it is gorgeous!

Beware, 2017, it just might be the year of paint splatter DIYs!

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Nutella Peppermint Hot Chocolate Spiked (Or Not!) Recipe

For the past couple years, I have held a Christmas Day brunch open house and it is so much fun.  A couple of my best friends come by,  my family, Nick's family blahblahblah.  All of us with kids have been up for 5-6 hours by the time brunch starts, so I always serve coffee, Nutella hot chocolate, orange juice... And I offer all them spiked (haha, mimosa- get it?)

Anyhoo, a crowd favorite is the warm pot of Nutella hot chocolate I leave on the stove.  I leave peppermint schnapps beside it.  There is no rule to how much peppermint schnapps to add- pour whatever you need to make you feel "warm"   If you do not want to add alcohol, peppermint extract is a perfect substitute- you only need a couple drops- it goes a long way.

As for the Nutella hot chocolate, I typically use a hot chocolate mix my friend makes, add it to milk on the stove and whisk in Nutella.  I make a huge batch and use about half a bottle of Nutella.  Who doesn't like Nutella?  It adds such a rich, creamy delicious flavor to the hot chocolate... mmm...

Serve with marshmallows and candy canes.  Yum, yummy, yum.

Enjoy your hot chocolate this Christmas season- spiked or not- it is delicious!

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DIY Colorful Light Wreath

One of my favorite Christmas holiday decorating DIYs that I have done is my light wreath. I love itso much that we keep it up year round on our brick fireplace. This year, I decided to make a new one - and I wanted it BRIGHT and COLORFUL. So easy to do!

Wreath Form
Colorful Globe Lights- I picked up mine at Target, but do not see them online. 
I used two strands for a 17 inch wreath form.

These instructions are from my last light wreath DIY:

Really simple, I strung the lights around the wreath through the wires. 

The first strand, I carefully counted bulbs and meticulously attached each one to the wreath frame.  Guess what?  It looked exactly the same as if I just wrapped it around and did not bother with the whole counting and attachment thing.  So, the next strands I made it simple, and just wrapped it around!

Doesn't it even look great just sitting on the wall unlit?
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Need more wreath ideas?  Check out:  Simple Eucalyptus  & Disco Ball Wreath & Copper Light Wreath

DIY Retro Label Maker Glitter Ornaments

I love creating new Christmas ornaments every year, they are such a blank canvas to add any kind of design you like!  I used my retro label maker and that was not enough- and I decided to add glitter as well!  Isnt everything better with glitter? Especially around Christmastime?

If you are looking for more Christmas Ornament DIYS, try: DIY Metallic Dipped Ornaments &
  DIY Disco Ball Wreaths &  DIY Tattoo BFF Ornaments  & Confetti Dipped Ornaments  
Agate Slice Ornaments & Unicorn Glitter Ornaments  & Scalloped Ornaments &  Polka Dot & Brushstroke Ornaments

Retro Label Maker
Clear Ornaments

Create whatever Christmas-y type word you want for your ornament.  I chose Noel, Merry and Sparkle!  Tip- hold the trigger on the label maker long for each letter and it imprints darker to the label!

Trim your label down to size:

Stick your label onto your ornament!

Remove ornament top and fill with glitter.  For the silver, I filled the entire ornament (that is A LOT of glitter) But, I thought it made it look a disco ball.  The other colors, I added a little glitter and shook the ornament so glitter flakes would stick to the glass and sparkle. I love it all.

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Gift Guide: For the Kids!

For the kiddos!! Experiencing Christmastime with my girls is the best thing ever, I love viewing all the Christmas activities and adventures through their eyes.  And, I also love shopping for them, here are some of my favorites:

Ice Cream Marquee Light- Would look amazing in a play room or kid bedroom or my kitchen.

Wooden Nesting dolls-  Love the monochromatic design on these!

Pink Deer Print- Oh deer! ;)

Lost My Name Book- You order this book personalized with your child's name & the story is all about them!!  Kalia's should be arriving any day now, I am so excited.  She is learning to read & a whole book about Kalia will be so fun! As much as I love her name, it is literally impossible to find anything with her name on it- so it is perfect!

Wooden Retro Toy Radio- So, so cute!!

Purple Stuffed Unicorn- Happiest little unicorn!

Wooden Toy Camera- I love these wooden toy cameras, I like that this one has a strap so the kids can easily wear it.  My girls pretend to take pictures all the time.  They even "style" their toys in creative flatlays.  I guess they watch me a lot...

Pillowfort Teepee- I bought this for Colette's room (shhh....) & it is hiding in garage until Christmas day.  I *think* I will finally decorate her room in 2017! #sorry2ndbabysyndrome

Gift Guides for 2016
The Traveler & Jetsetter
The Hostess & Entertainer
For The Girls (the adult ones, not the kiddos ;)

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DIY Mini Eucalyptus Trees

I am not sure how it came to be one of my things, but apparently I do mini Christmas trees for decorating every year?  Last year, I made tinsel trees and the year prior fringe Christmas trees (a reader favorite every holiday!)  This year, I thought I would use one of my favorite materials, eucalyptus.  I have made an eucalyptus wreath, a eucalyptus HEART wreathtied eucalyptus around drinks and there is more. Search it on the blog.   I love it.  It helps that I have a yard with a couple eucalyptus trees- it makes for easy crafting.

Eucalyptus Trimmings
Floral Wire (I used a rose gold color since the wire does show a bit)

I hope this is a clear way to explain my method of making the mini Christmas tree, because there really is no right or wrong way.  I wrapped a strand of eucalyptus around the cardboard cone and then used the wire to tie and keep in place.  I repeated that step over and over.  I would be lying if I said it was easy.  I love easy diys.  It is all I do, if it takes too long or is too hard, I am #noonehastimeforthat  But, once I tied about 3 strands of eucalyptus around and despite leaves falling and my frustration, I liked it.  And decided to keep going.  So, instead of my usual 5 minute DIY, it probably took 20 minutes instead.  Not that big of a deal I guess but I like to keep it real around here .

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