DIY Concrete Copper Pipe Cake Stand

A project made from scrap parts!  I had some copper piping leftover from my two projects- a copper pipe iPad holder and copper pipe marble plant stand.  It was not a ton of copper pipe, but not so little that I would want to waste it.  I also have lots of concrete leftover from a couple other projects and a cake stand was born...

How to Make a Copper Pipe Concrete Cake Stand

4 cut pieces of copper pipe- 6.5 inches each
2 cut pieces of copper pipe- 4.5 inches each
4 copper pipe elbow fittings
Glue (elmer's pro bond, liquid nails, e600)

8 inch disposable tin pie plate
Disposable gloves for mixing concrete
Cooking oil spray
Cardboard box large enough to hold pie plate
Duct tape

Spray Paint (optional)

Glue elbows to both sides of the 4.5 inch pieces.  
Glue the 6.5 inch pieces to the open elbows.

Make your concrete following instructions on box (*use gloves when working with the concrete). Spray the cooking oil onto the pie tin (this will make it much easier to remove the concrete when it is solid) Put your pie tin in a cardboard box. Pour concrete into pie tin.  

Put your copper pipe into the concrete and wrap one loop of duct tape around top of copper pipe and other end of duct tape to cardboard box. (this keeps the duct tape straight while the concrete hardens.) 

Remove from pie tin and you are done!

I love the look of pink and copper and so, I spray painted the concrete pink. Spray paint probably wont last forever on concrete, but I STILL have gold spray painted stripes on my concrete planters- that are nearly two years old, so I am content with this method.

These are not food safe- so remember to throw a wrapper underneath that cake or cupcake when using!

If you want a different look than a modern cake stand- try a shabby chic version with pastels that I did here!

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DIY Crush: Five Ways to DIY a Tray!

One of the things about blogging/creating that continually amazes me is how different bloggers can look at the same item and be inspired to change it in so many different ways.   We all received the same plain wooden tray and the results are:

Jeran at Oleander and Palm painted her signature geometric shapes and added leather trim and gold accent.

Rachel over on The Crafted Life covered her wood tray in a beautiful fabric.

MJ at Pars Caeli created an intricate design only using a Sharpie!

I went with wood burning.  Any chance I get to use my wood burning tool, I go for it!

Sarah at Sarah Hearts went with her signature polka dots (I love the pink! ;).

Hope you enjoy the new series!  We meet in a week to decide the next item to DIY!

Have a wonderful weekend!

DIY Copper Pipe Marble Plant Stand

I sketched out this idea soooo long ago, it is so nice to get it done and on the blog!  I did a couple variations, my original sketch made it look like a mini baby walker when it was done... which was not the look I was trying to achieve.

But, I ended up very happy with the final product- and although I use it as a plant stand, it would make a great diy sidetable too, whatever you need, go for it, I'm not picky!

I have it mostly pictured with my ranunculus bouquet; I am obsessed with these flowers and it has become an unspoken (well, now spoken) rule that they must show up in every DIY I am shooting while they are still alive.

I promise it is easy, I did all the work for you- including creating a walker for a small child out of copper.  I also found a new tool that makes cutting the pipe SO much easier!! But, like a puzzle, it requires quite a few steps, so it is photo heavy, read more after the jump, or just shoot to the bottom for more staged shots with ranunculus flowers...

Crush: DIY Spring!

Let's bring Spring inside with these fun DIYs!!

Disco Ball Succulent Planter
Antler Flower Display (I need to add some flowers to my antlers!)
Watercolor Tins 
I am in love with these Ombre gradient pots 
How about some flowers for cupcake toppers!?
I am a sucker for flowers in a paper bag- the simplicity is so beautiful.

Last year's Spring Crush on Flower Vases- still great ideas- because flowers do not go out of style!

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DIY Wood Burned Tray #5WaysToDIY

What do five DIY bloggers do when given the same material to change!?  I teamed up with 4 amazing bloggers- Oleander & Palm Pars Caeli Sarah Hearts The Crafted Life  for this project!

I met them all at ALT Summit in January (after "knowing" them online) and I just had to collaborate with them- so, we came up with #5WaysToDIY!  

Check out their links for 4 other ways to redo a plain wooden tray!  And to make #5WaysToDIY even more special, we are giving away a $50 gift certificate to Amazon so you can buy a ton of supplies and make your own way to DIY!  (giveaway is located at end of post)

How to Make A Wood Burned Tray

Wood Stain

Not shown: Sandpaper

Step One: Sand the tray and wipe off.

Step Two:  Stain the tray, paint in direction of wood grain.  

Step Three: Once dry, you can burn your design in- you can use the pencil to make a sketch if you wish.

An up close shot of my wood burned heart with my husband & I's initials.  Also, anyone else obsessed with that HUGE eraser.  I am!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Friday Link Loving!

Last link love, I told you how I am creating a gallery wall and I am looking for prints.  this one is in the running.  via Etsy shop WhatThePrint

These color blocked chocolate bark w/ edible flowers from papernstitch may be the prettiest thing I have seen.  I would never eat it, just stare at it all day!

Marbled egg place card holders- I would want to use this year round!

Ring cones via Cupcakes and Cashmere- so ridiculously simple to do and beautiful!

Inspiralized is one of my favorite food blogs- Cucumber Avocado Hand Rolls W Sriracha Ginger Fayo are on my list of recipes I MUST make!

P.S. Last day to enter to win a copy of Materially Crafted!!

A Bubbly Life this week- Disco Ball Succulent Planters!
DIY Chalk Bunnies!   Crush: Spring Break "Necessities"

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DIY Disco Ball Succulent Planters

You know how every so often on the blog, I say I have a new favorite DIY... Well, ALOHA, my new favorite DIY!!!

Disco balls.  Succulents.  Sparkly. Easy. 5 minutes maybe?  Essentially all my requirements in a DIY.

How to Make a Disco Ball Succulent Planter

Disco Ball Ornaments

X-acto Knife/ Craft Knife

Remove ornament top, comes off with a strong tug!  (or if you have mini disco balls, you can skip that step) Carve out hole with knife to put succulent in!

You may need to trim a little bit off the bottom of the disco ball with the knife to make the bottom flat.  The pink one was fine without, but the little silver one needed it because the succulent made it topple over.

There may be way too many photos ahead... I had a lot of fun with it.

Can you tell I love amazing bloggers who make incredible books (and Kate Spade)?  

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Crush: Spring Break "Necessities"

kate spade crossbody
heart sunnies should have their own pouch
pom pom coverup- this is a DIY- flipping amazing, huh!??
Muchi muchi essie & in the ca-bana essie (I love me some Essie nail polish...) reminds you of the essentials with their pink striped bag 
heart sunnies are my favorite year round...
kate spade glass bottles

It has been a long time since I have went on a spring break- oh, college, I miss ya sometimes!   I would love to hit up the beach and relax for Spring, but since that is not in my near future, I will live vicariously through frivolous shopping dreams...

Happy Spring!!

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DIY Bunny Chalk!!

Easter is coming!  And, once again, I am looking for non-candy items to fill my girl's easter basket. Last year, I used the bunny silicone mold to make crayons.  This year, I made chalk!  

The chalk "recipe" is from Materially Crafted- the new DIY book from diy, party extraordinaire, Victoria Hudgins at A Subtle Revelry.  (giveaway ended)

Paper Cups for mixing
Measuring Cup


Mix equal parts of plaster of paris and water in a cup, add paint and stir.
I used 1/4 cup plaster of paris and water and that made 3 crayons per color.  The paint amount is up to you, the more paint you use, the bolder the color.  (The pink and blue chalks in my photo are same paint color, just different amounts added to the mixture, so I have a bright and light version of both colors) 

Some of my paint cups- I love how the process is also pretty.

Pour into your silicone mold and wait.  I waited overnight, because I forgot about them (Seriously, my kids that day...)  Materially Crafted recommends at least 4 hours before removing from mold and then 24 hours before using.

Just like last year's crayon bunnies, they fit right into a plastic egg.  A great alternative to candy (although she will have tons of candy as well, I am not that mean...)

Now, onto the giveaway!!

Win a copy of Materially Crafted: A DIY Primer for the Design Obsessed by Victoria Hudgins of A Subtle Revelry!  The book is divided into categories based on a DIY material: glue, plaster of paris, wax and so much more! 

All you need to enter is tell me your favorite material to craft with!  My favorite material right now is copper (I have so many things in works ;)  but I could not craft pretty much anything without glue and I also love glitter and spray paint and sequins...  I am undecided.  Which is a perfectly acceptable answer for the giveaway.

Good Luck and Happy Easter!!!  

Materially Crafted: A DIY Primer for the Design-Obsessed

This post is not sponsored (publisher is providing one book to a winner,however) but in full disclosure I am so, so, so incredibly grateful to have two projects of mine mentioned in the book.  (Hey, Mom, I am in a book!!)  P.S. Thank you Victoria for including me and congratulations on a beautiful book; also, I had no idea you could make your own chalk, so, my 3.5 year old loves the book too!

Friday Link Love!!

Ahhhhhhhhh.....  I am so glad it is Friday- it was a super long week and I am so excited for the weekend.  I have a long list of diys to complete and am excited to get to work (and add in a cocktail or two...)

I am working on a gallery wall- it contains a DIY that I am so excited to complete & show you guys BUT first I need all the art for the frames & apparently I am freaking picky because I am having a tough time committing.
The wall is for my office, so I want it a rotating wall of encouragement and pretty things to stay inspired and driven.  I think this Dont give up print from Etsy will make the cut.

This mid century dresser makeover is da bomb (no one says that anymore, but, I say awesome too much, I need a new word.)  I cannot believe she found the dresser for only $10!

I am making corned beef and cabbage over the weekend, it is a St Patty's Day tradition in our house!  I always do the boiled method, but I am going to try roasting it this year and use The Pioneer Woman's recipe as my guide.

Katie from Life With A Dash of Whimsy has an amazing home tour on Design Sponge this week! You may remember her from her The Everygirl home tour & interview- but she has since moved- and there are even more photos to pin away for inspiration!

More from Design Sponge- Grace Bonney shared a thought provoking essay on negativity online.  I think we all should remember there are REAL people behind blogs and we have feelings. so many feelings. all the feelings.   Be kind before hitting submit on that comment button! Constructive criticism is one thing but meanness is another.  Generally, after getting over the knee jerk what-an- ahole reaction- I feel sad for mean commenters, as I do for mean people in general.  Life is too short to waste on negativity.  Life is also too short to spend time being hurt by the negativity.

After that very long winded note,  I am out! It is five o'clock somewhere and I need a cocktail.

Have an awesome weekend!!! xoxo

A Bubbly Life this week:  DIY Dollhouse BookCase  

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DIY Dollhouse Bookcase With #GiveaHome

I was very fortunate recently to partner with and Wayfair to create a dollhouse out of a bookshelf and donate the finished product to a hospital.  I chose Phoenix Children's Hospital for my donation spot and got to work!

When asked to donate my time to the #giveahome project- it was an easy yes. My daughter was hospitalized twice in the past few months.  Her last hospital visit was 6 days and she was allowed to play in the playroom the last 2 days (you are only allowed in under certain conditions).  She was so bored in her hospital room with only my husband or I to entertain her.  Of course, my husband and I are awesome, hilarious people who can both sing the entire Frozen soundtrack by heart- but she wanted more.  She loved the playroom.  I truly hope this dollhouse can bring some joy to children who are at the hospital, I know the playroom made her days easier and she came home quickly, which is not the case for many kids.  

Anyhoo, enough about that and onto the dollhouse!! When I think of kids- I think COLOR.  I wanted a whimsical, colorful spot of happy all wrapped into a house of fun (does that make sense?)  

I did not want perfection- although I did use some stenciling and painter's tape, I liked the whimsical, brushstroke look for the dollhouse.  It is probably fairly clear what I did not use a stencil on ;)

I used non-toxic paint and sealer (Please stick..!!)

I used this bookcase from Wayfair. I purchased Haba Dollhouse Furniture and a set at IKEA.  The IKEA set had a pink couch- perhaps the only time I will have a pink couch in my house.  I will miss it.

To create the top of the  dollhouse, I used wood shelf brackets from Home Depot that had a decorative edge.  I then cut a piece of wood to join them so that the roof was the length of the bookcase.  Also, by "I" I mean my husband did all the cutting and drilling.  I am on a self ban from power tools because I suffer from #hugeklutzwhoendedupinemergencyroom3times

Check out the other beautiful handmade dollhouses on The Makely Home  Lia Griffith  Yellow CapeCod  Funky Junk Interiors

10 Minute DIY- Spray Paint Clutch Makeover!

The first day of Spring is coming soon and I have Spring on my mind- flowers, color, sunshine weather and wardrobe changes... I do not shy from color in my wardrobe, but do like to add even more color pops to everything when Spring takes over!  Therefore, I took a white clutch and grabbed some spray paint to make it more Spring wardrobe ready!

White Clutch
Painter’s Tape
Spray Paint


Stick painter’s tape down and form a triangle.  Trim the painter’s tape as needed with scissors to get your look.

Cover exposed areas of clutch with newspaper so the spray paint does not get on exposed areas.
Spray Paint.  Remove tape while paint is still wet.
Let dry.

Rock your new Spring clutch!

I love the pop of color on the clutch!  And, I love my holey boyfriend jeans... they are super comfortable and I wear heels with them and fool everyone into thinking I am actually dressing up.

* sent me a clutch to makeover!  Thank you for supporting brands that support A Bubbly Life!

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