DIY Metallic Tinsel Trees

Last year, my Fa La La tinsel garland letters were one of the most popular DIYs from Christmastime. I love how sparkly, metallic and shiny the tinsel garland made the letters and wanted to use it again this year- and I chose trees!

Cardboard Cone Trees
Double Sided Tape
Mini Tinsel Garland (picked up mine at 99cent store)

So simple.

Tape a piece of garland to top and wrap all around tree.  Tape at end and cut garland.

Since I used mini garland, I did not need to trim,  but you may want to trim garland once it is on tree with your scissors if it looks a little too "poofy".

We do not want 80s hair looking trees. We want pretty, metallic, elegant trees. No offense to the 80s.

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