DIY Disco Ball Wreath

Told you I would be back with another Christmas disco ball DIY!  This time it is an easy to make wreath.  So much color and sparkle- love it!!

Disco Ball Ornaments in varying colors & sizes
Wreath Frame
Hot Glue Gun

Remove ornament tops from each disco ball.

Glue disco balls to each other and to wreath frame.   (truth be told, I used glue dots for the shot- I need to keep the disco balls for other crafts!) 

Hang your new disco ball wreath (year round- why not?) Keep it next to your disco ball snowman.  (tutorial for the snowman here)

Tomorrow is the last disco ball DIY for Christmas and I will also be having a giveaway! Great way to end the disco ball DIYs!  Unless, of course, I get inspired and throw in another one- that happens from time to time! ;)

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