DIY Marbled Feathers

In my quest to marble all the things with nail polish (like makeup brushes & pumpkins) - we have now reached Thanksgiving.  I love to decorate around Thanksgiving with natural elements often dipped in unnatural elements- like glitter, spray paint and now nail polish.

Nail Polish
Bowl of warm water
Cardboard/or some surface for drying

Add your nail polish colors to the water.  Stir with skewer to combine.

Dip feather in and turn.

Allow feather to dry.  The feather will take a bit of time to dry, dip them all and go about your day for a bit before using them for any project.

Now what can you do with marbleized feathers?

You can use it as a gift topper:

Use it in your table setting.

Make a wall hanging.

Tape to wall with glitter tape.

Instead of my glitter dipped feathers, add the colorful feathers to a gilded branch.  Fill a vase with them for a centerpiece.

Whatever your awesome heart desires.

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