Spiked Cinnamon Roll Apple Cider Cocktail Recipe

When the cold weather hits (which in Arizona is when it hits 78) I crave warm apple cider.  I just love it!  We make it every year and occasionally spike it. And by occasionally I mean all the time. After trying a few variations, my husband chose this version as his favorite.  Also, this is ridiculously easy to make.

Spiced Apple Cider (we like Trader Joe's) or you can make your own- just be sure to use REAL apple cider not from concentrate
Cinnamon Roll Cinnabon Pinnacle Vodka*

*Also, I want to clarify this is not sponsored, the Cinnabon Pinnacle Vodka was our favorite to spike the cider with and it happens to be a very specific brand.  We tried cinnamon and caramel liqueurs, but who does not love a warm cinnamon bun? It was a match made in cold weather heaven.  

Warm up your spiced apple cider on the stovetop and keep on simmer.  Pour yourself a cup and add half a shot to a shot of cinnamon roll vodka.  Garnish with a cinnamon stick and apple slice.  Be careful of poking your eye out with the cinnamon stick if you have too many of these.


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