DIY Brushstroke Party Backdrop

I have the easiest DIY to share with you today. It is one of my most used backdrops. My 4 year old did most of it.  I am not employing child labor, she just really likes to paint.  I was not even going to share it because since Kalia did most of it, I thought maybe it was too simple to share.  But, I'm a Mom of two with a career and I LOVE and NEED easy. Homemade, modern, pretty and easy- perfect DIY for a party! 

Tablecloth/Sheet (I thrift these materials for most of my backgrounds)
Paint  (whatever color you want, I think a black one would look awesome)

Paint brushstrokes all over sheet in random order.

It makes such a cute party backdrop for a table, photo backdrop for a party booth or background for disco ball shots!

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